6 Reasons Why Libran Women Are Awesome

6 Reasons Why Libran Women Are Awesome

This month is dedicated to all the lovely Libran ladies whose sun sign is symbolised by the scales held in complete balance. She’s the go-to agony aunt of the group and tried her best to keep things in order, never letting things get out of hand.

Here’s why we just cannot do without our irreplaceable Libra girlfriends!!

1. She might be diplomatic and never the one to say anything cocky, but don’t mistake her sweetness and politeness for docility. For in a moment of crisis, it is usually a Libran who comes to the rescue with her immeasurable strength, and assertiveness.


2. She is always fair and just and will tell you when you need to calm the hell down, to your face!

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3. When in a relationship, she isn’t one to shy away from romance. Boyfriends will have to serenade them with flowers, chocolates, candle light dinners and music. A firebrand lover, she enjoys sex but isn’t too big on discussing it. :P Utterly devoted, Libran women don’t throw their heart around frivolously.

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4. She is a bewitching social host, and no one else throws parties quite like her. An excellent communications person, she is sociable, charismatic and approachable.

5. She has impeccable fashion sense and is a delight to go shopping with. Her outfits are never too out of the box, sticking to classic chic styles instead, never a hair out of place.


6. She is difficult at times, because she will take eons to decide what to order at a restaurant, but she is an amazing friend to have. She’ll never desert you and a fight with her can never turn ugly cause a true Libra girl will always listen to all sides of the story before making up her mind!



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