#ContestAlert: What’s Your Style Personality? | POPxo

#ContestAlert: What’s Your Style Personality?

#ContestAlert: What’s Your Style Personality?
Coco Chanel rightly said that, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” And not just the woman; a sense of who is she as well. 

Your wardrobe says a lot about you; your sartorial choices give the world a window into your personality. So whether your style is a throwback to an era gone by or it's all about city chic, we decided to curate from one of our favourite online stores, Fab Alley, and decode your TV alter ego in the process too. Which one are you?

Plus, two lucky ladies could win a voucher worth Rs. 5000 each courtesy the lovely peeps at Fab Alley. All you need to do is tell us what your style personality is! Comment on our FB post, or tweet to us @POPxoDaily using the hashtag #FabAlleyLook. 

The Retro Girl

1. That 70s Show

As a wild child at heart, old-school is the only way for you. Sweet dreams are made of Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Madonna songs - right?Which is why you identify with retro girl Jackie Burkhart from That ’70s Show—she’s fashionable, popular and oh-so-pretty—what’s not to love?

POPxo recommends: Floral Dreams Skater Skirt (Rs. 950), Sweet Chime Black Tee (Rs. 900), Floral Polka Stole (Rs. 500) and Love Gold Necklace (Rs. 500), Buckle Up Black Flats (Rs.1250); all Fab Alley

The Perfect Misfit

2. Friends

You can never blindly fall in line with what all the cool kids are doing. So when they were busy forming cliques, you were busy toying with your dreams and when they were scrambling for high paying jobs, you stuck to pursuing your passion (whether it paid the bills or not). And your nonchalant style reflects this very outlook. No wonder you totally get the loveable F.R.I.E.N.D.S character - Phoebe Buffay!

POPxo recommends: Floral Flair Maxi Dress (Rs. 1,800), Popping Dots Crop Top (Rs. 650), Stud Face Black Bag (Rs. 1,700) and Double Triangles Box Chain Necklace (Rs. 600); all Fab Alley

 The Urban City Girl

3. Sex and the City

It’s all about big city, bright lights for you. A total city girl at heart, anywhere else is too small town for you. You just can’t get enough of your metropolis’ Insta-worthy skyline, buzzing nightlife and cosmopolitan culture. Sex And The City’s Carrie Bradshaw is your ultimate small screen alter ego. No surprise then that you too gasped in horror when she had to accompany Aidan to the countryside!

POPxo recommends: Floral Pop Culottes (Rs. 1,100), Tough Punch Crop Top (Rs. 1,200), Garden Blossoms Jacket (Rs. 2,750), Tiered Chain Link Gold Necklace (Rs. 700) and Back in Black Patent Pumps (Rs. 2,000); all Fab Alley.

Haute Hippe

4. Girls

Material goodies don’t matter to you; you are more about collecting life experiences—everything from the good and the bad to the ugly. You’ve travelled to as many countries as you have had boyfriends (one in each destination perhaps!) and are arty at heart. You are all for Girls’ Jessa Johansson’s ‘bad decisions make for good stories’ attitude!

POPxo recommends: Black Slush Maxi Dress (Rs. 1,600), Ditsy Dazzle Kimono (Rs. 1,400), Floral Weaves Earrings (Rs. 450) and Black Velvet Peep Toe Pumps (Rs. 1,450); all Fab Alley

The 60s Girl

5. Mad Men

The prim and proper style of the ’60s has a soft spot in your heart. Cat-eyed glasses, matching twin sets, perfectly blow dried hair and pronounced pouts—it defines your version of chic. You love what Mad Men’s Sally Draper epitomises.

POPxo recommends: Check Me Out Dress (Rs. 1,500), In the Navy Ballet Flats (Rs. 1,750), Midnight Black Quilted Bag (Rs. 1,450) and Cat Call Sunglasses (Rs. 1,200)


contest alertWhat's your Style Personality?

Tell us which look you relate to  the most and why, and two lucky ladies could win a voucher worth Rs. 5000 courtesy the lovely peeps at Fab Alley!

We've made it super simple, just comment on the Facebook post, or tweet to us @POPxoDaily using the hashtag #FabAlleyLook. 

Contest is open from 15 - 19th October and is valid only for residents of India.

* This is a sponsored feature for Fab Alley. Shop the collection here.