15 Things About Love We Can Learn From Our Favourite TV Couples

15 Things About Love We Can Learn From Our Favourite TV Couples

You’ve watched them being absolutely adorable, terribly cute, sickeningly sweet and hilariously mismatched. You’ve sighed and wondered if that kind of love actually exists while staring wistfully at your TV screen. Well, we may not be able help you find that perfect partner but we sure know what you can learn from TV’s most terrific twosomes.

Are you ready to get your Aww-game on?

1. That nicknames for each other are allowed, even when you’re all grown up.


2. That sometimes 'taking a break' is not the best idea. (PS: it will *never* be forgotten)


3. That if it works for you two, that’s all that counts.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 at 12.15.22 AM


4. That it’s better to set the right expectations from the start.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 at 12.25.17 AM


5. That being opposite personalities might actually make you a great parenting team.


6. That even in relationships, grammar is important.


7. That compromise isn’t always an ugly word.


8. This one pretty much explains itself.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 at 12.33.05 AM

9. That sometimes, love hurts.


10. That surprises work...and how.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 at 12.33.29 AM

11. That honesty is always the best policy.


12. That it’s okay to have moments of weakness


13. That you’re never too old for grand declarations of love.


14. That you are one half of a whole, and that’s awesome.


 15. That no matter what happens; when you’re meant to be...it works out.


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