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What Type of Scalp Do You Have? Read This NOW to Find the Perfect Shampoo!

What Type of Scalp Do You Have? Read This NOW to Find the Perfect Shampoo!

The best way to understand your precious locks better and take care of them is by determining what type of scalp you have. Only then will you understand why your strands behave in a certain way! Today we help you figure out your scalp type and the best shampoo for you - since what you use to sud up is meant to cleanse your hair as well as your scalp. Read on to know if you’ve been using the right product for your scalp type!

what type of scalp do you have?

1. Dry Scalp – Itchiness and Flakiness Be Damned

You feel like you spend half your time trying to tame your frizzy, rough locks. They’re dry from root to tip, look dull and are so difficult to manage! Brittle hair, excessive split ends and itchiness are all problems you know too well. A dry scalp also tends to flake - and these flakes are powdery and white and are different from dandruff.

What You Need: A gentle hair care routine is essential for your locks. Look for a shampoo that is moisturizing, smoothening or hydrating, and avoid ones that are fortifying, volumizing or contain sulfates as they can zap even more moisture from your dry strands. It’s important to wash your hair regularly even if it is dry. Look out for shampoos that are specifically meant for a dry, itchy scalp; tea tree and menthol are ingredients that can help curb flakiness and moisturize your dry scalp.

POPxo RecommendsDove Intense Repair Shampoo or L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 are perfect for hydrating and replenishing your mane and making your hair much softer.

2. Oily Scalp – Curse Those Overactive Glands


You feel like you could relate to the slippery Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series. Your locks tend to get greasy within a day or two after a wash and you just cannot skip a shampoo EVER or you start noticing waxy flakes. Your strands stick together, your T-zone is prone to oiliness and your roots get limp pretty quickly. A fantastic blow dry or hairstyle is short-lived; greasiness is the bane of your existence!

What You Need: You need to stay clear of shampoos that are hydrating, moisturizing or meant for curly hair, as they can bring more moisture to your already oily locks and scalp. Look out for a clarifying shampoo to help rinse out oil build-up on your head. Shampoos that are "balancing" or "strengthening" are also effective in getting rid of excess grease. Make sure to spend a few minutes to really work the shampoo into your scalp and rinse well. Use a conditioner only on your mid-lengths and ends and never anywhere close to your scalp as they can worsen your oily situation.

POPxo Recommends: Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo is great for making your scalp feel squeaky clean and Kerastase Specifique Bain Exfoliant Hydratant works wonders in getting rid of greasy residue while tackling oil-related dandruff..

3. Combination Scalp – It’s Confusing, Yes

This can commonly occur with long hair when, your scalp is oily and gets flaky but your ends are dry. Your roots get greasy and limp easily, while the ends of your hair remain dry and rough.

What You Need: You need to use a combination of products – a shampoo designed for your oily scalp and a nourishing conditioner for those damaged ends. Make sure to work your shampoo into your scalp only and not the rest of your hair and use your conditioner on your ends and not near the top of your head.

POPxo Recommends:  The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo is a godsend for dealing with an oily scalp. Follow it up with a conditioner like Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask to hydrate and repair your dry hair and combat frizz.

4. Normal Scalp – You Lucky Thing


You’re blessed and don’t really relate when people complain about an oily scalp or dry hair. Of course, your hair does get oilier in the summer and drier in the winter, but otherwise it’s somewhere in the middle. Your locks are pretty easy to manage and don’t get too greasy or dry, even if you haven’t washed your hair in two days. Styling products don’t really irritate your scalp and your mane is pretty soft and smooth. Skipping a wash or two doesn’t affect the condition or appearance of your hair either. (Envy. You. So. Much.)

What You Need: Your scalp and hair are pretty low-maintenance, and it’s important to keep them that way. So it’s best to use mild shampoos and conditioners. A well-balanced diet is necessary to keep your scalp healthy and make sure to stay clear of chemical-based products and heavy styling that could damage your mane.

POPxo Recommends: Strengthening shampoos like Matrix Biolage Strengthening Shampoo or TRESemme Platinum Strength Shampoo are great for keeping your locks strong and healthy while fighting against hair fall.

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Published on Oct 3, 2014
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