What to Keep in Mind When Buying Your Workout Clothes

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Your Workout Clothes

Hitting the gym? Don’t you throw on some loosey-doosey cotton T-shirt and light-coloured sweat pants! Many people think wearing just about anything will do since you are going to be left all sweaty in an hour. But wearing appropriate clothes to the gym is as important as your attire at work. (Also, cute exercise clothes will make you ten times more motivated to get your butt to the gym - they certainly do for us!) Your gym attire should be loose enough without being baggy; and it shouldn't it be too tight either since you want to be able to breathe through your workout! The key is to be comfortable, practical and fashionable. Which is why we tell you what to keep in mind when buying your workout clothes. Be sure you make note of these handy tips! 

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Workout Clothes

1. Choose the Right Fabric

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Workout ClothesSteer clear of workout clothes made of 100% cotton! For a second, let’s ignore the fashion statement you’re making by wearing an old baggy tee and consider the more important reason: cotton is quick to absorb sweat but really slow to dry. And wearing sweat-soaked clothes through your workout sesh can both irritate your skin and weigh you down. Opt for lightweight quick-absorbing fabrics, or at least a cotton blend.

Watch out: Sweat stains, especially those outlining your knickers, are awkward and unappealing. Stay clear of materials that can do that to you!

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2. Get the Right Fit

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Workout Clothes

Baggy clothes are for lounging, not for lunging! The right workout clothes should showcase your movements and your posture and form. Also, they shouldn’t restrict your full range of motion by getting in your way. But if you aren’t comfortable in clingy fits, double it up. Wear a supportive tank top with a looser cotton tee over it. Many people confuse well-fitted with tight clothes, which is a major mistake.

Watch out: A cute tank top can go from modest to X-rated as you bend over and baggy pants can get caught in exercise machines. So choose wisely, and try the garment out before you buy it.

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3. It’s All about Support

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Workout Clothes

First and foremost, you HAVE to wear a sports bra; secondly, make sure you got the right one. You won't be able to give your workout all you've got if you’re uncomfortable or self-conscious. You don't want a pesky underwire digging into your chest while you do a push-up, do you? A good sports bra does the work of protecting the ligaments and tissues in your chest from excessive stretching or stress, so you can push yourself without worrying.

To pick the perfect bra, consider your workout regimen and the shape of your body. Low-impact sports bras work for activities like yoga or walking, while options designed for high-impact activity are ideal for interval training and intense cardio classes. Choose bras in moisture-wicking fabrics with flat or covered seams to minimize problems with trapped sweat and chafing. Large-chested women should opt for bras that have wider straps, which disperse weight and won't dig into the shoulders, and wider bands at the bottom of the bra, which provide maximum support.

Watch out: An incorrect size could result in unflattering bulging and unnecessary discomfort! Please get yourself fitted properly.

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4. Just ’Coz It’s Gym, It Doesn't Have to Be Dull

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Workout Clothes

The upward trend in neon gym attire is fun! It's almost impossible to walk into an active-wear store without some bright pink sports bras, lime green socks, and neon blue capris glaring at you. Exercising in bright colours can add a dimension of fun and spunk that makes working out more enjoyable.

Watch out: Don’t overdo it! You want to work out, not look like a Christmas tree. ; )

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5. The Necessary Add-Ons


Jazz up your look with a bright headband! Hair can be nuisance while working out. In order to keep it in place and yet be stylish, opt for a colourful headband or bandanna. You can buy different colours according to your outfits and wear a new one every day. No one likes calloused palms. If you train with weights you must invest in a good pair of gloves with open tips. Weight lifting or cycling gloves will protect your hands and improve your grip on equipment.

Watch out: Please make sure your purchases are functional! Loose hairbands and slippery gloves will do you no favours.

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