What Should Women Do? This Is What India Thinks...

What Should Women Do? This Is What India Thinks...

POPxo is back with yet another “womanly” campaign: #WomenShould. The idea finds its roots in “The Autocomplete Truth”, an incredible video produced by UN Women. Following this, we decided to ask people from different genders, age groups, backgrounds and perspectives to give us a sincere response to our question: What should women do or be like?

What we came up with is a compilation of some amusing, realistic, prudish, sexist, modern, liberal, pragmatic, contradictory as well as dismal viewpoints. Read on!

1. Women should be independent. - Female, 26, software engineer

2. Women should know how to cook food. - Female, 48, housewife

3. Women should stand up for their rights. - Male, 27, business analyst

what should women do

4. Women should not get married. - Female, 27, business professional

5. Women should shop less. - Male, 28, chartered accountant

6. Women should take good care of their homes, husbands and children. - Male, 52, businessman

what should women do

7. Women should dress decently to avoid sexual harassment. - Female, 46, housewife

8. Women should listen to their hearts and do what they want to. - Male, 22, student

what should women do

9.  Women should be able to compromise and let go of their happiness at times for the harmony in their families. - Female, 48, banking professional

10. Women should be more sensible than emotional. - Male, 27, engineer

11. Women should find rich men and marry them. - Female, 52, socialite

12. Women should respect and obey their husbands and in-laws. - Male, 62, retired

what should women do

13. Women should talk less. - Male, 24, student

14. Women should not change their identities after they get married. - Male, 26, engineer

what should women do

15. Women should stop calling themselves victims because they are not. - Male, 27, businessman

16. Women should not lose their virginity before getting married. - Male, 32, accountant

17. Women should learn how to keep secrets. - Male, 26, software professional

what should women do

18. Women should not spy on their boyfriends. - Male, 25, student

19. Women should stop being dramatic. - Male, 26, HR manager

what should women do

20. Women should let men watch cricket in peace. - Male, 28, manager

21. Women should stop manipulating men emotionally. - Male, 29, advertising professional

what should women do

22. Women should work for the upliftment of other women. - Male, 27, PhD student

23. Women should not feel inferior to men. - Female, 28, journalist

what should women do

24. Women should stop being jealous of other women. - Female, 25, student

25. Women should not befriend boys. - Female, 70, grandmother

26. Women should be more aware. - Female, 27, lawyer

what should women do

27. Women should try not to be fussy about things. - Male, 32, doctor

28. Women should master the skill of managing their career and home perfectly. - Female, 45, teacher

what should women do

29. Women should stop making an issue about their periods. - Male, 27, student

30. Women should take less time to get ready. - Male, 28, architect

31. Women should love people only as much as they deserve. - Female, 25, writer

what should women do

32. Women should stop asking for equal treatment, but demand it and give it. - Male, 26, lawyer

33. Women should be feminine. - Male, 25, software engineer

34. Women should respect other women. - Female, 30, engineer

what should women do

35. Women should make this world a better place because only they have the power to. - Male, 28, photographer/ traveller

So readers, what do you think? #WomenShould...?

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