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#PartyFever: 4 Awesome Go-To Hues When You're Dressing Up!

#PartyFever: 4 Awesome Go-To Hues When You're Dressing Up!

The fabulous thing about this “anything goes” age of fashion is that your favourite colour is the new black! You don’t need to be swayed by trends and colour forecasts any longer as you prep your wardrobe for the upcoming party season - all you have to do is choose a colour that reflects your personality. After all, the best colour in the whole world is one that looks good on you! So, tell us: what is your go-to party colour?

And here’s some good news: whether you prefer dainty feminine hues or are all about hard-core glamour, Vero Moda’s "Marquee" collection by Karan Johar has plenty for everyone to choose from! 

1. Pretty in Peach

Vero Moda Marquee by Karan Johar collection

Soft and subtle, peach is a quintessentially feminine colour - one that we’ve always loved. Take this delicate hue up a notch or two this season with embellished dresses and smart tops, or with crop tops teamed with palazzos. Complement your outfit with gold or silver jewellery - nothing too OTT - and you’re ready to make an impression with charm and sophistication. For the party girl in peach, screaming for attention is out, understated elegance is IN.

2. White Delight

Vero Moda Marquee by Karan Johar collection

There can be no disputing that white - an eternal favourite - is one of the most standout shades out there. Head-to-toe is the only way to wear this colour when you want to rock the party scene with “classic” as your mantra. Loyalists of the whitewashed look know better than to believe the myth that this is only a day colour - white pants paired with a white tank and blazer work just as well for a nightclub as they do at brunch. A white shift dress amped up with coloured jewellery or cropped white pants with a matching blouse are also fab ways to sport this minimalistic shade on an evening out.

3. Black Beauty

Vero Moda Marquee by Karan Johar collection

Ah, black! Even ardent colour lovers can’t escape the allure of this sophisticated shade. Black is an old-school colour, perfect for those who like to make a sure-shot statement without venturing too far from classics, as well as for the sexy siren who wants to turn heads. An after-hours staple, this colour is as glamorous and chic as it is flattering and versatile. And it goes without saying, of course, that any party wardrobe is absolutely incomplete without a smart LBD!

4. Shimmer in Silver

Vero Moda Marquee by Karan Johar collection

Silver, and a shimmery one, is a go-to for party it-girls - women who revel in the limelight at every soiree. A glittery, no-holds-barred tone, silver is the colour of choice of the flamboyant merrymaker who does not shy away from being the centre of attention. Whether you wear it in the form of a skater dress, matching separates, a bodycon number or a bomber jacket, one thing is for sure - no one will be able to take their eyes off you! Paint the town silver, did you say?

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Published on Oct 29, 2014
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