what his text messages really mean

What His Text Messages Really Mean

Anasuya Ray Chaudhuri

Guest Contributor

If you thought a woman’s mind was complicated, you haven’t really ventured into a man’s yet. And when it comes to texts, men are pros at muddying the waters. Today we give you the 7 most common texts that we receive from men – read on to find out what they really mean!

1. “I’m not sure about my plans, I’ll let you know.”

what his text messages really mean 1

Translation: I’m figuring out if I can do something more interesting. If nothing turns up, will call you. OR I’m genuinely caught up with stuff and can’t figure out whether I’m going to manage to meet you or not.

Reaction: If only you’d say one thing or the other and not leave it so nebulous! Should we wait for your call, should we not? Argh, the confusion!

2. “K.”

what his text messages really mean 2

Translation: I’ve got your message. I've read it.

Reaction: And?! What is your response, dude? We don’t want to go stalker on you, but our question remains unanswered!

3. “Will you text me once you’re home safe?”

what his text messages really mean 3

Translation: I think we clicked. I want to see you again. Actually, I want to continue talking to you tonight, so I do want you to text me.

Reaction: Woohoo! :D

4. “I’ll call you back.”

what his text messages really mean 4

Translation: I don’t want to talk to you right now.

Reaction: Fine, man, FINE.

5. “It’s going to be a really busy time for me this week. Won’t be able to text much.”

what his text messages really mean 5

Translation: I want to talk to you, but I don’t think I’ll manage to.

Reaction: Aww! We like that you didn’t totally disappear without any warning.

6. *Emoji*

what his text messages really mean 6

Translation: I could not care less. This smiley is my response. Please do not reply to it.

Reaction: Grrrrrrr.

7. “Send me a pic.”

what his text messages really mean 7

Translation: I’m missing you. I’m also secretly hoping you’ll send me a dirty one. ;-)

Reaction: If we like him: Hell, YEAH! If we don’t: Eww.

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Published on Oct 07, 2014
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