15 Things You Should Never Say to Someone on a Diet | POPxo
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15 Things You Should Never Say to Someone on a Diet

15 Things You Should Never Say to Someone on a Diet

Just because you’re blessed with a size 8 figure doesn’t mean you’re in a position to comment on another person’s diet, okay? When all someone can think about is a juicy steak or a mouth-watering slice of cake, the last thing they want to hear is your unwanted opinion. Trust us, there are some things you should never say to someone on a diet. Seal those lips and support them instead!

1. Don’t those have extra carbs in them?

Don’t you have someone else to annoy?

diet point 1

2. I never have to diet, I just remain thin no matter how much I eat.

Yes, we get that you’re genetically blessed, but please don’t rub it in.

3. Try these delicious red velvet cupcakes! They're your favourite, right?

Tempting me to quit my diet is just plain mean.

4. Can't you just be happy with the way you are?

Cutting back on all the junk food will make me way more healthy.

diet point 4

5. Let’s go for dinner, I’m buying!

Why can’t you be this generous when I can eat properly?

Diet- Point 8

6. My friend’s hair fell out when she was doing this diet.

Wow, you just made me feel even better about being constantly hungry.

7. Why don’t you just work out harder instead?!

I’d like to see you practice what you preach first.

8. Let’s go to McDonald’s. I’m craving a burger and  fries.

Why would you name the one place that can shake my determination?

Diet-Point 5

9. I thought you were on a diet!

Maybe I’m treating myself for doing so well!

10. Hopefully this time you can stick to it for longer than you did the last time you tried to diet.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

11. Why don’t you try just a bite? It won’t do you any harm.

Can you only take ONE bite of that cake?

diet point 11

12. C'mon, let’s go eat today, you can start your diet from tomorrow.

No, my diet is not based on your convenience.

13. You aren’t fat, you don’t really need to diet.

Maybe I’m just dieting to get healthy, ever thought of that?

diet point 13

14. You can do it. If only you had stronger will power...

If only? IF ONLY??

15. Forget your diet. Try the one I went on - it’ll work wonders.

Um, thanks, but no thanks!

diet point 15

Gif courtesy: Tumblr, giphy.com, fuckyeahbollygifs MUST-READ: You Know You’re a Foodie When… MUST-READ: 20 Things Skinny Women Are Tired of Hearing
Published on Oct 21, 2014
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