Ban the Baniyan! 10 Things Women Wish Men Would Stop Wearing

Ban the Baniyan! 10 Things Women Wish Men Would Stop Wearing

We all know that fashion isn’t really the primary concern for most men, but there are far too many occasions when we don't agree with what our significant other/ brother/ guy friend is wearing! To help them stay clear of further sartorial disasters, we've come up with a list of things women wish men would stop wearing. What would they do without us, right?!

1. The Baniyan

FI - ban the baniyan

It’s perfectly fine to wear it under a shirt. But when this type of innerwear is worn as outerwear is when we have a problem. Guys, you don’t look macho in a wife-beater. If you want to look more rugged, just grow some stubble please! Plus, the more covered those hairy armpits are, the better for everyone it is.

2. Floral Shirts


You probably aren't from Hawaii, so please stop dressing like you are! Nor are you anywhere near a tropical island. Flowers are rarely a great look for a man, no matter how pretty they are.

3. Baggy Pants / Jeans

baggy pants

You’re not starring in a 50 Cent video, so please keep those waistbands strictly above your boxers! Women don’t like it when you dress like their teenage nephews. Those pants that are 4 sizes too big for you are seriously uncool. And we don't really want to know what brand of undies you're wearing.

4. Skinny Jeans


This is even worse than baggy pants. Flaunting the male equivalent of a camel-toe is never a good look, guys. For the sake of women everywhere, go with a slim fit!

5. Excessive Man Jewellery


You will be hard-pressed to find a woman who likes too much bling on her man. Save the diamonds and gold for your lady love. A watch, a wedding ring (or a discreet statement one) and a chain worn under your shirt - that's about the maximum amount of jewellery we like to see our men in. And no, we don't like eyebrow piercings either!

6. Tiny Speedos


Nobody wants to have the shape of your package in their face during a leisurely swim, no matter how proud you are of it. Unless you are an Olympian, and the water-dynamic advantage is absolutely crucial, shorts and trunks are the only acceptable form of swimwear for men. NOT bikini bottoms.

7. Cargo Pants

shutterstock_65456137Sure, they may be comfy, but we just don’t get what all those pockets are for. Unless you’re a Nat Geo photographer who needs to store lots of stuff in his pockets, or an on-duty soldier, there is no excuse for stepping out in cargos. Never.

8. Beanie Hats


Trust us, you look more like a teenage Justin Bieber than a smouldering Enrique Iglesias when you wear these hats. Unless you’re planning on serenading us like a sexy Latino lover (and the voice to match), kindly keep these caps at home unless you're heading out for a snowy trek.

9. Sports Shoes with Everything


Why must you ruin a perfectly good outfit with gym / running shoes? A smart pair of loafers with your jeans would make a world of a difference to your look, and actually make you look well-dressed!

10. Sculpted Tee That Is Just One Size Too Small (and Probably Has a V-Neck Too)


We get it, you work out and are proud of those pecs and biceps that you've sweated so much to develop. But you don’t need to wear the T-shirt equivalent of a body-con dress to flaunt what you’ve got. If you're built like a Greek god, don’t worry, we’ll notice no matter what you wear. ;-)

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