9 Things We Love the Most about Navratri - And a Bonus!

9 Things We Love the Most about Navratri - And a Bonus!

This 9-day period, which serves as a the celebration of the power of all the most revered Hindu goddesses, is certainly one of our fave times of the year! Navratri marks the beginning of the festive season, and though it means staying clear of our favourite meaty dishes (for the non-vegetarians) there are several perks to it too. Here are the things we love the most about Navratri - and we know you love them too!

1. Going out every single night for 9 nights without your parents questioning, scolding or stopping you, even if you stay out all night long!

2. It means the end of shraadhs and kickstarts the festive season, leading to our fave time of the year, with gifts galore and feasting to our hearts' content. #WIN :D

Navratri point 3

3. The outfits, of course! A different outfit for every night. That’s the entire purpose of shopping pre-Navratri, right?  And the tradition of wearing 9 different colours for 9 days - it’s amazing to see women dressed in different hues of the same colour every day!

4. The shorter your choli the better, and not even your super-protective dad minds you going backless during these awesome nights.

Navratri - poin 5

5. You get a break from from the usual Avicii and Tiesto blaring from the speakers and instead can shake a leg to Falguni Pathak, the queen of Garba, who makes a rare appearance during this time. And you finally get to show off your moves after weeks of practising!

Navratri point12

6. The perfect time to socialize, and also check out cute men! ;)

7. You get to go on a clicking spree, and flood your Facebook feed with tons of pictures of your outfits and your friends! (#WhatIWore is the most popular hashtag you’ll find.)

8. The interesting food! Yep, we’re all kind of strictly vegetarian, yes, but think about sabudana, makhana, rajgira. They’re yummy - and totally sattvik and good for the body. Auto-detox, anyone?

9. This is the one time of the year when you can ask your man to channel his inner Ram Rajadi and experiment a little with his outfits. ;)

Navratri point10

AND the bonus...

10. The anticipation of getting to drink again. They do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder… ;-)

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