things every girl needs to say goodbye to

10 Things Every Girl Needs to Say Goodbye To - Sooner Rather Than Later!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

From complicated relationships to crazy bosses, we all have our share of problems and could do without the added stress of certain emotional baggage. We give you a few things every girl needs get away from and learn to accept as soon as possible in order to make way for a brighter, more positive future. Here’s a list of things every girl needs to say goodbye to - forever.

1. Gifts From Your Ex.

things every girl needs to say goodbye to

You may want to hold on to your ex boyfriend’s gifts and pictures, but trust us, it’s only going to make you miss him more every time you see them. You need to move on.

2. That One Friend Who Always Tears You Down Or Bitches About You Behind Your Back.

things every girl needs to say goodbye to

However close you might have been at one point, it’s best to let go of that frenemy who makes you feel miserable.

3. Being Insecure About Your Body.

things every girl needs to say goodbye to

Yeah, we all are, even the supermodels who grace the biggest magazines. Everyone dislikes something about their body, but instead of being super-obsessive, learn to appreciate and accept it because it makes you unique!

4. Being Hung Up About THAT Breakup.

every girl needs to say goodbye to

Everyone’s had that one bad breakup that’s scarred them and made them believe that true love doesn’t exist. But guess what? It’s time you let it go and not define every future relationship through the lens of that one.

5. Dating/ Hooking Up With That Boy Who Treats You Like Dirt.

things every girl needs to say goodbye to

Stop that. Now. No matter how much you love him or how good the sex is. You will find better.

6. The Job That’s Making You Miserable.

things every girl needs to say goodbye to

Girl, you want to make money doing something that you like, right? Find another job. Then quit this one. (In that order. You want to be happy, not stupid.)

7. Trying To Wrestle With The Straightener/ Blow Dryer

things every girl needs to say goodbye to

The sooner you embrace the natural texture of your hair the better. Flaunt those fierce curls, work those magical waves or flip those straight locks with flair.

8. The Need To Be Liked By Everyone.

things every girl needs to say goodbye to

Yeah, being Miss Congeniality and Miss Popular is fun, but not when you’re afraid to put your real self out there. Let it go, be yourself. It’s better to have a handful of friends who love you and trust you for being you than a bunch of people whom you have to spend hours being fake with.

9. Fighting With Your Parents/ Siblings/ Partner.

things every girl needs to say goodbye to

Get over it already. You’re an adult now. You have a whole lifetime of battling the world ahead of you - you want your family on your side through that. Accept that your mum and dad and bro and sis and partner are never going to change. Make peace. Love them for who they are - and they will do the same for you.

10. That Perfectly Thought Out Life Plan.

things every girl needs to say goodbye to

Whether you had expected to be married with your first kid on the way or thought you would be at a much senior position than you are in at work, it’s about time you accept that life NEVER goes according to plan. You can never really predict what will happen a couple years down the line - hell, you don’t even know what could be in store for you the very next week! That’s the beauty of life, so enjoy the present rather than stressing over the future.

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Published on Oct 27, 2014
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