The Best Sari Blouses for Every Body Type!

The Best Sari Blouses for Every Body Type!

In this age of reinvented Indian silhouettes, the sari blouse has finally (and gloriously) stepped out of the sari’s shadow and come into its own. Gone are the boring blouse of yesterday, and new styles and experimental cuts are the norm today. As sari blouses get more innovative, we bring to you the best sari blouses for every body type! Now the next time you go sari shopping, don’t give the blouse the step treatment. In fact, you might consider choosing your sari based on how statement-making its better half is - it’s a sure shot way to grab eyeballs. ;)

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1. When You Want Your Blouse to Make You Look Slimmer

The Best Sari Blouses For Every Body TypeIf you have a heavy bust, the foremost goal when selecting your blouse should be to avoid making your top look bulkier. Hence it is best to steer clear of heavily embellished blouses or those made of thick fabric (velvet is a no-no!). Opt for work on the sleeves if you want a dressier look. While you can play with cuts, sheer panels and embroidery on the back, keep the front of your blouse fuss-free. Dark, solid hues will work best for you. Stay away from large prints. If opting for a deep neckline, keep the plunge modest.

POPxo recommends: Divya Kanakia Kutch Mirror Embroidered Electric Blue Blouse on Exclusively In. Price: Rs 4,174

2. If You Want to Make Your Bust Look Fuller

The Best Sari Blouses For Every Body Type

There are several styles that suit small-busted women. But always ensure that your blouses are well padded to guarantee the best fit. Bandeau or tube blouses are a great option if you wish to flaunt your shoulders. Halters, in-cut sleeves or sleeveless blouses are other ideal styles for you. If you wish to take the more modest route, then you can also opt for high necks and high collars. As far as colours are concerned, there are no restrictions. Snug horizontally striped blouses will make your bust look fuller.

POPxo recommends: IR Roots Copper Sequined Georgette Blouse on Indian RootsPrice: Rs 1,999

3. Go Risqué If You’re Petite!

The Best Sari Blouses For Every Body Type

Petite women are lucky as they can pull off more risqué blouses with absolute ease. If you’ve been working hard in the gym before donning that sari, then "the shorter the better" is the mantra to follow when it comes to your blouse. Bralets (you can even buy one from your favourite high-street brand and then mix and match) are an incredibly sexy choice. Blouses with high low hemlines work well too as they add more volume to your frame. Ditto with long sheer blouses worn over the sari.

POPxo recommends: Lace Lurex Bralet by Topshop. Price: Rs 3,531

4. Show Off Your Athletic Body!

The Best Sari Blouses For Every Body Type

The most versatile body type, no blouse style is off the charts for you! There is no better option for you than to make ample use of your toned physique and flaunt them curves! Statement backs should be your go-to -experiment with sheer backs, keyhole cutouts or a slinky ties. Opt for short sleeves or sleeveless versions and keep the length short so that you can flaunt your washboard abs. Strappy blouses are a great way to put your well-defined shoulders on display. If you’re looking for an unconventional blouse style, then turn to a Peter Pan collared blouse.

POPxo recommends: 9Rasa Golden Crochet Lace Blouse on Indian RootsPrice: Rs 1,499

5. Camouflage Fuller Arms

The Best Sari Blouses For Every Body Type

Full sleeves and 3/4th sleeve blouses are the perfect way to camouflage fuller arms, and luckily they are in vogue too! But you need to remember that when you are covering up one aspect, it’s important to create another visual focal point. A sheer back, deep neck or shoulder embellishments should do it. Cape style blouses are a stylish way to go too. As long as you avoid puffed sleeves or sleeveless blouses, which draw attention to the broadness of your upper arms, you’re good to go.

POPxo recommends: Dev R Nil Aqua Blue and Grey Rose Printed Blouse on Pernia’s Pop-Up ShopPrice: Rs 4,900

6. Embrace Your Curves

The Best Sari Blouses For Every Body Type

If choli blouses make you conscious, fret not. There are several options that are as flattering as they are stylish to choose from. Corset style blouses are one. The second, more au courant choice is to go with a cropped sherwani or jacket style blouses. Peplum blouses promise an avant-garde look to the fashion-forward girl. The only point you need to remember with long blouses is to allow a small band of your waist to be seen - a little show of skin is essential, else you’ll simply look like you have been wrapped in yards of fabric.

POPxo recommends: Urvashi Kaur Indigo Button Embellished Peplum Blouse on Pernia’s Pop-Up ShopPrice: Rs 6,000

7. Highlight Your Assets

The Best Sari Blouses For Every Body Type

Often women with broad shoulders find themselves trying very hard to hide them. Highlighting other assets is a great way to this. Wide necklines and short sleeves should do the trick. For instance, you could opt for a V-neck or a scooped neckline, or show off your trim arms instead. A laser-cut neckline is a great choice too. Instead of thin straps or strapless blouses, opt for broad straps and see the difference. Shoulder padding is off limits!

POPxo recommends: Ira Soleil Gold-Toned Stitched Saree Blouse on Myntra. Price: Rs 1,036

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