Married to Your Job? Here Are 24 Signs You Need a Vacation!

Married to Your Job? Here Are 24 Signs You Need a Vacation!

There is only so much a person can do after spending ages stuck at the desk! They really need a break just so that they can rejuvenate themselves. Not sure if you qualify? Well, if you’re afflicted by any of these grave symptoms, it’s time you take a vacation!

1. Cribbing about your work, boss and colleagues is the only way you can hold up your end of a conversation.

signs you need a vacation

2. You can’t remember the last time you left work before 8 p.m.

3. The last time you took a personal trip out of the country was 4 years ago!

4. The only serious relationship you’ve been in of late is with your laptop. And maybe your TV remote.

5. Every time your phone beeps with a new email, you have to suppress the urge to throw it out of the window.

signs you need a vacation

6. Your dark circles are so prominent that people now compare you to a panda!

7. The only liquid going down your throat is coffee. And sometimes Red Bull.

8. You un-friend anyone who uploads vacation photos on Facebook.

9. You’ve forgotten the last time you left town for something that didn’t involve sitting in another office listening to a 3-hour presentation.

signs you need a vacation

10. The only way you actually see other places is through your wallpapers that were taken off Bing.

11. You don’t date because you have no time.

12. You end every sentence with “I think I need a vacation” and your friends have actually started completing your sentences for you!

13. You leave for work before your partner / family wakes up. You get home when they’ve finished eating dinner.

signs you need a vacation

14. You’ve now taken to dreaming about blue skies, green hills and the sea.

15. Everyone close to you is now praying that you get to go on vacation before you turn into a raging maniac.

16. Alcohol and cigarettes have started to become your new best friends!

signs you need a vacation

17. Your wardrobe consists of office-appropriate clothes and sweatpants. You have to dig deep inside to find any summer dresses or flirty skirts, which you haven’t worn in years.

18. You feel like something’s wrong when you have no work to do on long weekends.

19. The concept of getting enough sleep never rings a bell. Your idea of a break is to sleep five hours a day.

20. You rarely have the time to hang out with any of your friends. You don’t take their calls through the day. You are forever explaining yourself to them.

signs you need a vacation

21. You lash out at anybody and everybody.

22. Your kids look mutinous every time you turn on your laptop.

23. You've started hallucinating about the word "Vacation" being spoken in your ears in multiple voices throughout the day!

24. You say you are "tired" pretty much every time someone asks how you are.

signs you need a vacation

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