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20 Signs You Are Addicted To Bright Lipstick

20 Signs You Are Addicted To Bright Lipstick

Is there anything else that gives you that extra boost of confidence and makes you happier than gliding on a striking shade of lippie, even if you are just going out to run errands? If your answer is no, then you, like us, are a self-proclaimed lipstick junkie! Read on to check out the signs you are addicted to bright lipstick. If you identify with these, then your pout is probably the sexiest thing about you!

1. You have at least 4 to 5 lipstick tubes in your purse at any given time.

2. Stepping out without a gorgeous shade on your lips makes you feel naked.


3. You can name any MAC lipstick shade at one glance.

4. You think people are blind when they accuse you of owning 5 different tubes of the “same” lipstick shade.

5. Lip stains and tinted lip-glosses are also an important part of your collection.

6. Whether you want to go matte or glossy depends on your mood. You can carry off either with ease.

7. You have a signature colour, which people even recognize you by.


8. Chapped, flaky lips are a constant problem.

9. Every time you enter a makeup store, you quickly make a beeline for the lipstick counter and cannot resist picking up a new shade or three.

10. Your lipstick collection is worth a small fortune and nothing makes you prouder than seeing them all lined up on your dresser.

11. You’ve been known to apply lipstick even while chilling home, just to feel a bit happier.


12. If a clutch isn’t big enough to hold your essentials as well as a lipstick or four, then it isn’t worth buying.

13. Smudge-proof and long-lasting are your favourite terms.

14. You’ve gotten lipstick on an outfit while trying it on in the trial room of a store on more than one occasion.

15. Boys who don’t like to kiss girls with lipstick on are not worth your time.


16. You’re a pro at eating without ruining your lip colour.

17. The front camera of your phone is used the most to check how great your lips look and for quick touch-ups.

18. You feel bad for the rest of your lipsticks when you’ve been using only one colour for a few days.

19. You’re always discovering new techniques to stop your colour from smudging and staining your teeth.

20. One swipe can brighten up your day.


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