Things Indian women say to justify buying clothes

#Shopaholic: Things Indian Women Say to Justify Splurging!

Praachi Raniwala

Guest Contributor

Unlike most men and a handful of women who shop only when they absolutely need something (how does that work exactly, I wonder), the majority of the fairer sex turns to shopping as a recreational, often therapeutic activity. Their splurging is almost never governed by mere necessity; their reasons are far more glorious!

Today we bring you a list of things Indian women say to justify buying clothes (and shoes and bags and accessories)! We're sure you've said these at least once in your lifetime. Own up, ladies - which one of these excuses do you use most often?

1.  It was on sale! The price was just fantastic. In fact, I practically made money on it!

Point 11- Long distnace Bestie

2.  It was the last piece, and that girl with really bad styling was eyeing it. I just HAD to rescue it.

3.  I was feeling very low. I thought this would perk me up. (Yeah, yeah, shopping is certainly cheaper than a psychiatrist. We feel you.)


4. I thought it made sense to use my reward points before they expired.

5. It was such a unique find, more like an investment piece. I don’t think I would have ever found anything like this anywhere else.

Point 4

6. No, no, this is not like the ten other white tops I already have. This one is totally different in its cut, style and fabric.

7. It made me look so skinny! How could I NOT buy it?

Point 8- Long Distance Bestie

8. The store owner is my aunt’s cousin’s daughter’s friend. What would she think if I walked away without buying anything? (*Gasp*)

9.  I fit into a Small in this dress instead of my usual Medium. So…you know… (*Sneaky grin*)

10.  I didn’t even go to the mall to shop for myself. I was just helping Priya. She literally forced me to buy this - what could I do?


11.  Oh, I was just checking if my credit card still works. And voila! It does.

12.  I cleaned out my cupboard and gave away so many clothes. I needed to restock.

13.  I’ve put on/lost weight and nothing in my wardrobe fits me any more.

Point 4- Long distance Bestie

14. There’s this awesome Diwali party coming up, and I need to look perfect for it.

15.  Neha never repeats her outfits. You don’t expect ME to wear the same thing twice, do you?

16. The website was having a flash sale, and I thought it best not to let go of this steal.

shopping 2

17.  I bought a few extra things to qualify for free shipping. Paying eight hundred bucks for delivery is such a waste!

18.  I had an extremely stressful week and just needed to unwind.


19.  I hadn’t shopped in forever! Sigh.

20.  I just got a promotion/ got engaged/ cleared the 200th level in Candy Crush/ just about any reason. So I decided to treat myself.


21.  My friend was coming down from London. So I bought a bunch of things and sent them to her to save all that shipping money.

22.  Mom, it’s Nikhil Thampi! How can I not have something from his new collection??? (*Quelle horreur*)

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Published on Oct 08, 2014
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