#RealGirlBeauty: Why You Should Be Using an Under Eye Cream Even in Your 20s

#RealGirlBeauty: Why You Should Be Using an Under Eye Cream Even in Your 20s

A lot of us are sceptical about adding anti-ageing products to our beauty regime. Aren’t you only supposed to bother about that in your forties? Nope! It’s never too early to start taking care and preventing wrinkles. Plus all those late-night parties and the stress of a hectic job don’t help. Here's our guide to eye creams and why you should start using them right away. We would take bright, fresh peepers any day - wouldn’t you?!

why you should be using an under eye cream

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Start Using One

Little things that we do every single day, like squinting or smiling, can contribute to premature wrinkles. Our keyboard­-tapping-­mostly-­sitting-­lifestyles can kickstart it much sooner than you anticipated. A little bit of extra moisturizing now will definitely help you notice fewer fine lines and crow’s feet later on in life. If you already have fine lines, it's not too late to start using an under eye cream to help reduce their appearance and prevent new lines.

It’s Not Just about Wrinkles

Dark circles (a by­-product of irregular sleep cycles and stress), puffy eyes due to water retention, and pigmentation around the eye area don’t just happen when you’re old. Many of us are already dealing with these problems, which is just proof that it is never too early to add an eye cream to your beauty regime.

Why Your Moisturizer Isn’t Enough

Most day creams are lighter in texture so that your skin doesn't feel heavy and you can go about your day. Your night creams, which are richer and creamier in texture, come close to eye creams, but are not the same. Eye creams are thinner in texture (to complement the delicateness of the under­-eye area), seep in easily and are more effective in moisturizing your eye area as well as reducing wrinkles, lines and puffiness. Plus, they are more suitable for an area as sensitive as your under-eye skin compared to regular moisturizers.

The Right Way to Apply It

The under-eye area of your skin is extra delicate and thinner than the rest of your skin, and so it requires extra care. Use your ring finger to gently rub on cream to the area as it will apply less pressure compared to your index finger. Dot on the cream from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye and then use your finger to gently massage it in.

Read the Label for Key Ingredients

Look for intensely hydrating formulas which are rich in amino acids, peptides, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that stimulate the skin's collagen production (which keeps the skin firmer and younger). Ingredients like cucumber extracts, tea, coffee and flaxseed soothe puffy eyes and really help your eyes take a time out.

Products to Keep in Mind

eye creams

Keep a roll­-on in the fridge for tiring days, like The Body Shop Pomegranate Refreshing Eye Roll ­On - it's fruity and refreshing. Even out dark circles with Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector; it has Vitamin C and green tea extracts to minimize irritation. Curb inflammation with Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye, which works for puffy­ eyes: it has a root extract called "butcher’s broom" along with evening primrose oil to reduce puffiness and soothe the under-­eye skin. Finally, Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum, with amino peptides and Vitamin B3, promises to firm the skin around the eyes.


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