#RealGirlBeauty: How to Keep Your Nails from Breaking and Chipping

#RealGirlBeauty: How to Keep Your Nails from Breaking and Chipping

You don't feel like wearing classic plum or fuchsia pink; in fact, you don't want even want to wear your favourite flat pastels. You've been there, and so have we: brittle nails have an effect on your style quotient as well as your mind! So here's some handy advice on how to keep your nails from breaking and chipping. Follow the rules below, and you'll get your talons back in tip-top shape!


1. Don't Ignore the Signs

If you've noticed your tips are not feeling their usual self, or are going yellow in-between trips to the salon, it's time to take some action. You see, between manicures, unwarranted cuticle-cutting, polishing and nail extensions, our nails tend to get weak and require some extra care.

2. Clip Them Now!

Take 20 minutes out every few days, remove paint at home or extensions at the salon, and trim your tips. The longer you don't do this translates into more damage for your nails and chipping. In fact, Chandni Singh, leading make­up artist in New Delhi and owner of Chandni Singh Salon and Academy, says that at times like this "You shouldn't let your nails grow; it can damage your nail bed, and in turn, it takes longer for the chipped nail to grow back."

3. Stay Away from Nail Paint

We know it's hard to stay away from those gorgeous colours, but with the amount of chemicals in any nail enamel, even the breathable formulas, they will only harm your brittle nails. If you need to dress up and think your talons need some grooming, file them and apply a transparent coat (that doesn't have heavy pigments) on top for a polished edge to your style without causing too much damage to your nails. Also, stay clear of nail art and extensions. In short, just give your nails a breather.

clear nail polish

4. Cut Them Some Slack

Let’s face it: we use our nails as tools in a number of ways in our daily lives, from opening boxes to tapping away on our phones to scraping away price tags to even picking food from our teeth (it’s rude, we know!). All of these things have a weakening effect on our delicate nails. The wear-and-tear causes damage and can lead to breakage. Cut those poor babies some slack and find alternative ways to get those little jobs done.

5. An Easy Home Remedy

Studies have proven that olive oil may help repair damage as well as strengthen your nails. Take some olive oil in a bowl (enough to dip your nails in), warm it in the microwave for 30 seconds and soak your fingers in it for 15­ to 20 minutes. Take your hands out and rub the oil on your nails, especially in and around your cuticles.

6. Tweak Your Diet

What we eat has a direct effect on our nails, hair and skin. Eat your favourite leafy salads, fresh fruits and veggies ­- they are a powerhouse of anti-­oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Protein foods like tofu, cottage cheese, soy beans, chicken, eggs and fish help too. You can also opt for biotin supplements easily available at your neighbourhood chemists' shop. Chandni Singh recommends popping GNC Hair, Skin & Nails Formula available at leading pharmacies. Tried and tested, it is formulated with biotin, lutein, gelatin and amino acids which are essential for healthy nails and also for clear skin and stronger hair!

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