8 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Buying Something Expensive

8 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Buying Something Expensive

So you may feel like your life won’t really be complete without the Boy Chanel flap bag (been there, ladies) or those Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps (done that, too), but considering the former comes for Rs 3 lakh plus a pop, and the latter is probably equivalent to someone’s monthly house rent, it begs the inevitable question - should you really buy it? There are many times when we literally talk ourselves into buying - no, splurging on - trophy designer items, only to question the very purchase later. To make sure you don’t have a case of buyer’s remorse in the future, especially after you’ve made such an expensive purchase, just ask yourself these questions before answering the salesgirl’s fated query:“Will you pay by cash or card?”

expensive purchase(Clockwise: Mawi Jewellery, Judith Leiber minaudiére, Boy Chanel flap bag and Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps)

1. Do I really want it?

The first and most important question to address is if you really want this item. Or are you buying just because you have nothing better to do and feel like you haven’t bought anything expensive in a long time? If your answer is undoubtedly affirmative, then proceed to question two.

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2. Do I really really want it?

Ask yourself again. We often get caught up in the moment and get really excited about a particular designer item, be it a pair of shoe, a limited edition bag, a silk scarf or a crocodile skin belt. It could be because the piece looked amazing on the runway/ brand’s new campaign, your favourite celebrity was spotted in it or because everyone else has been raving about it. But the question is all about you: do you love it and want it?

3. Do I already have something like it?

We like to consider an expensive purchase an investment. Not something we're going to toss away the next season. So it is important that this buy is inimitable and will add something unique to your closet (and collection). What’s the point of buying a gold minaudière when you already have three similar ones? So take a long, hard look at your closet to determine that this isn’t exactly the same as a piece you own but have actually forgotten about!

expensive purchase(Clockwise: Moschino Jacket, Cartier Bracelet and The Row sunglasses)

4. How often will I be able to use it?

Well, we don’t mean use it every day, but often enough, you know. Take a fur coat for instance - sure, you love the particular one you laid your eyes on, but are you taking or planning to take a trip to cooler climes where you will actually be able to use it? And mind you, this is not a five-year plan we are referring to. We often rationalize buys thinking we will use it “someday”. This someday had better come sooner rather than later. Else we all know that you are going to get over that buy (quicker than you get over your summer fling) before you even get to flaunt it!

5. Is it worth the price?

Yes, designer purchases come at an added premium. But there’s a difference between tapping into a brand name and buying something downright, ridiculously overpriced! If what you are coveting falls in the latter category, we suggest you kiss it goodbye!

6. Will it last me long enough?

Trends change every season, but the trick is to put your money in styles that will stand the test of time. If what you want is extremely seasonal, then you may want to rethink buying it, particularly if it is bound to be passé six months down the line. But if it is something you can hand down to your daughter or younger sister - now there’s a winner!

expensive purchase(Clockwise: Dolce and Gabbana Metallic matelassé mini dress, Alexander Wang Backpack, Oscar De La Renta gold-plated crystal earrings, Sophia Webster Cutout Leather Patent Leather Sandals)

7. Can I afford it?

This is a hard-hitting question, but one a girl’s just got to ask herself at some point in life. Yes, you have enough funds to buy it now, but does that mean you will have to starve yourself for the next few weeks? (Choosing Manolos over everything else may have worked out well for Carrie Bradshaw, but you aren’t living in her make-believe world!) Or will it require you to dodge your landlord, as that was your rent money you just blew up? If that’s a yes, sorry to break it to you, that buy is just not worth it.

8. Am I buying it just because someone else has it?

Is said item a perfect fit with your style sensibility or are you buying it just because someone else (read: the frenemy you love to hate and prefer to stay one step ahead of) just got it? And then your favourite blogger Instagrammed a picture of it. After which you saw a street style picture of Emma Stone flaunting it too. Listen up carefully: these are not (convoluted) signs of any sort; nor is the universe signalling you to buy it - it’s all in your head. Which brings us back to the question at hand: is it or is it not oh-so-you?

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