23 Problems Only Girls With Curly Hair Can Understand

23 Problems Only Girls With Curly Hair Can Understand

Your hair has a mind of its own and you can never predict how it’s going to behave in the morning, but you can’t deny that your wild locks definitely add to your character.

Love them or hate them, if you were born with naturally curly hair then you can definitely relate to these problems.

1. Getting bangs in your hair is never a good idea unless you to commit to straightening them every single morning. Even then, there’s no guarantee that they won’t frizz up during the course of the day.

curly hair point 1

2. When you wash your hair in the morning, you have to be prepared for it to take the entire day to dry naturally.

3. Sometimes, it may look like your hair is dry on the outside while the inner sections are still soaking wet.

4. Helmets, hats and humidity are your sworn enemies.

5. You spend half your salary on hair products ranging from anti-frizz serums to argan oil- you try anything that will help make your locks more manageable.

curly hair point 5

6. Unless you want to wake up to a poufy mess pointing in every direction, you can never make the mistake of going to sleep with wet hair.

7. You’re all too familiar with the triangle/pyramid shaped hairstyle and do everything you can to avoid it.

8. When a straight-haired princess claims to be jealous of your hair, all that goes through your mind is, ‘B****, you can’t handle it!’.

9. People love touching your curls, you feel like you belong to a petting zoo. Plus, all those hands on your hair just make it frizzier.

curly hair point 9

10. You have to be super careful about who cuts your hair and no desired haircut ever looks the way you want it to on your hair.

11. You have spent a better part of your life wrestling with blow dryers and straightening irons but hey, at least you have those toned arms to show for it.

12. You can’t brush/wash your hair as often as most people, unless you like the frizzy triangle look.

13. Your hair looks great when wet, if only it stayed like that once it dries.

curly hair point 13

14.  Realizing that you have forgotten to carry a hair-tie with you when out is enough to set off a panic attack.

15. You/your hair has been compared to Kanagna Ranaut at least once in your life.

16. The weather is an extremely important deciding factor for how good your hair looks.

17. When you straighten your hair, people freak out at how different you look, how long your hair actually is and why you don’t do it more often (does that mean they don’t like your curly hair?!).

curly hair point 17

18. You know those chic messy buns that you see on SO many tutorials of online and in magazines? Well they never work on your hair, as your bun looks way too messy to be taken out in public.

19. Pulling your hair into a tight plait is useless too. Because your hair-tie is just no match for the sheer strength of will that your curls have to not be imprisoned.

20. You can never leave the house without playing with your hair to get it to look more presentable and applying some product or the other in the hope that it will get it to behave.

curly hair point 20

21. Your hair never looks the same as it did an hour after you left your house.

22. You need at least half a bottle of product in your hair to get it to behave, which then takes about 3 days of shampooing to get out of your mane fully.

23. No matter how many times you’ve cursed your unmanageable mane, you have actually grown to love your fierce locks that are anything but boring and limp- yes we're looking at all you straight-haired lasses.

curly hair point 23

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