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#MondayBlues: 10 Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind on a Monday

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

You spend all week waiting for the weekend, only to have it fly by before your eyes. And before you know it, Monday is staring you in the face all over again! We’ve all been there and know that feeling of gloom and doom - a.ka. Monday blues - only too well. We give you 10 thoughts that go through your mind on a Monday. It’s funny how these emotions are so universal! ;)

1. When Your Alarm Goes Off in the Morning

Monday blues 1 It feels like I just went to sleep a minute ago. Why, God, why?! Where did the weekend go?? I want to hit "snooze" so baaaad... :(

2. Getting Ready

Monday blues 2

S***, I'm supposed to go in early today. AND there's that presentation. Where's my damn jacket? Oww, the iron burnt my finger, oww, oww, oww!

3. When You're on Your Way

Monday blues 3

OMG, this traffic!!! What was the point of skipping breakfast if I am going to be stuck behind cars for an hour?! I’m not going to swipe in and have HR find out I reached late - I’ll just pretend I forgot to log in. I DO NOT want to lose my leaves because there's an uprooted tree on the road. I want my buttered toast. :(

4. When You Finally Reach and Open Your Inbox

monday blues 4

Oh. My. God. 75 unread emails! WHY did I think it was a good idea to listen to the boyfriend and do an Internet detox this weekend instead of replying to these? *Bawl*

5. Halfway Through the Morning

monday blues 5

Okay, I’ve gone through my entire mailbox and replied to everything. (Not sure all my responses made sense. Hopefully they're having a frazzled day too and won't notice.) Now for the presentation. Dammit, the clients have arrived early, can't even have some chai!

6. Lunch Break

monday blues 6

It’s lunchtime, finally. Two hours after everyone else has finished eating. WHY did that meeting go on so long? Was no one else feeling hungry? Argh, the canteen is shut, will have to order from somewhere else. Ooh, I will order dessert. And eat it without sharing it with anyone. Yay!

7. Five O'Clock

monday blues 7

If I don't have some coffee now, I will die. DIE. Still have 3 hours of work to get through. I'm soooo tired. Will not reach home early enough to cook dinner. Bye bye, healthy eating.

8. 30 Minutes Before You Leave

Monday blues 8

Almost there. One more PowerPoint, 5 more emails, and then I can go. *Deep breath, deep breath.* I can DO IT.

9. Leaving for Home

monday blues 9

Yaaaay! Monday is OVER. I'm going HOME. Ugh, 4 days left to go this week.

10. When You Get Home

monday blues 10

I survived Monday! I'm going to sit in front of the TV and eat pizza and watch who gets through to finals week on MasterChef ! #QueenOfTheWorld

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Published on Oct 20, 2014
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