Kavya D'Souza Of Streak Hue Fall Joins The POPxo Blog Network

Kavya D'Souza Of Streak Hue Fall Joins The POPxo Blog Network

Petite and pretty, Kavya D'Souza of the acclaimed blog Streak Hue Fall knows how to engage her blog readers. She's articulate, honest and laid-back - knows her body and her mind. Real good reasons why we are majorly addicted to her blog. Her reviews are fun, her views on life, so beautiful and her energy, addictive. Her personal style on the other hand is what draws us closer to the blog - her look books are inspiration boards and her beauty and travel diaries so very interesting. This month, as Kavya takes over as our POPxo Blog Network as one of our esteemed bloggers, we asked her a few questions to get her started. Read on...

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What sparked your interest in fashion?

Fashion and its many facets was the next best thing to happen to me after the staple dose of fiction that I survived on as a kid. I was once again fascinated with the seemingly unreal world of fashion that I saw on the glossy pages of an editorial, a love affair that continues till date.

What is your first fashion memory?

Long before style-blogger and fashion-blogger became a thing, I remember going to shop with my mom as a kid and always deciding on that one particular piece because in my head I could style it in more than five ways! It’s funny that I still go by the same rule even when I shop today.

What is your personal style statement?

My personal style statement is merely an extension of who I am and what I feel like at any point in time. My personal style graph thus is exactly in tandem with how I have evolved as a person over the years. It's best measured through the changing nature of my outfit posts on my blog. However if I had to sum it up in one word, I’d say eclectic.

What made you take up blogging?

I’ve always been in love with the impalpable nature of both words and fashion. I started StreakHueFall simply as a platform to fuse this passion and continually reinvent the two mediums. I was looking merely to express and explore. Still in college then, the fact that I could share my thoughts with an audience whilst building my own voice through a blog was fascinating.

What would you like to tell all aspiring bloggers?

Have an identity that sets you apart from the rest and a voice that screams you.

The POPxo Quiz


1. One beauty product you swear by...

Matte lipsticks

2. An outfit you could live in for the rest of your life...

A cotton maxi dress, heaps of oxidised jewellery and a tan.

3. Your biggest guilty pleasure...

Chips and all things with extra cheese!

4. The one trend/style you would NEVER wear...

Spandex or Lycra, unless we are talking swimwear.

5. Success is?

Meaningful only if it has been actualised after relentless hardwork.

6. Fame or Money?


7. You look up to?

While I have no role model, it’s the particular traits and characteristics of many successful personalities that I aspire for.

8. The ONE thing no one knows about you?

I have a diploma in hairstyling and have been practising as a freelance hairstylist since I was 18!

9. What is your biggest strength?

My determination to make it all happen.

10. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you like to be?

Frida Kahlo or Jhumpa Lahiri.

One last question: How does it feel to be part of the POPxo Blog Network?

I feel elated to be a part of an initiative like the POPxo Blog Network that is complete with strong and fiercely independent women who are making a difference with their choices. It’s for the very first time that something like this is happening in the country and it is only a sign of the bigger and better things that are in store. To be chosen to be a part of something this massive is extremely humbling.

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