How To Keep Your Marriage Fun!

How To Keep Your Marriage Fun!

If you think your marriage is losing its charm and turning into a massive anti-aphrodisiac, now is the time to do something about it!

Don’t let the humdrum of daily life get in the way of love; read on for a few tips on how to keep your marriage fun and bring back some of that excitement and thrill from before.

1. Adventurous living.

We all have a crazy side that we usually keep in check. It’s time to let the 'wild you' live and fulfil all those crazy dreams you have. Bungee jumping, mountain climbing, eating exotic food that you'd never imagine trying by yourself etc. can really add some zing to your marriage.  Experiencing that thrill and adrenaline rush together will strengthen your bond even more.

how to keep your marriage fun

2. Reinvent your sex life.

Couples fall into the missionary routine as soon as the initial passion dies down. Buy yourself a copy of the Kamasutra and put some of that ancient Indian knowledge to practice or simply read 50 Shades of Grey. Trust us, your hubby will be more than happy to comply to anything (well, almost anything!) you learn from it.


3. Let your partner in on a naughty secret or a fantasy.

Watch the fun unfold as he tries to fulfil it for you. You can do the same for him - and a secret fantasy that he has - to definitely help you reignite that flame.


4. Travel as much as you can.

Daily life and work tend to make us dull and we fall into a monotonous routine that inspires nothing other than boredom. Romantic, spontaneous getaways for even a few days will give you both a break from the routine and let you just have fun in each other's company again. 


6. Go on regular date nights.

If you’re spending each night curled up in bed watching television, you’re seriously headed for trouble! Revisit the initial excitement of your relationship with weekly romantic dinners and outings. Take turns picking what you'll do each week, and maybe surprise the other. You might discover interests you never knew you or your partner had, and at the very least it'll make for good memories and conversation!

how to keep your marriage fun

7. Surprise each other routinely.

Who doesn’t like a box of chocolates or flowers to randomly turn up at work or home? You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to give each other something small and cute to make one another smile. Remember, it doesn't need to be expensive, just something cute and thoughtful. A funky tie or a silly poster of his favourite band or sport are the little gifts that'll make him smile!

how to keep your marriage fun

8. Get a pet.

Dogs and cats are adorable and entertaining, and looking after one can bring the two of you closer together. Not only is it a great test-run before you start planning kids, but a fluffy fur ball can also definitely brighten up a bad day.

how to keep your marriage fun

9. Try role playing.

Role playing has been known to put the fire back into many a reel-life relationship. Give each other fake identities and personalities and meet at a hotel to perform the rest of the act!


10. Spend time away from each other.

Nothing makes the heart grow fonder than distance. Your independent life and interests make you fascinating to your partner. If you do everything together then there is nothing new he can look forward to finding out about you.


11. Steal some time away from the kids.

Couples with kids have a pretty hard time sustaining romance within their relationship. It's best to not get into a rut. Hire a babysitter, or leave the kids at their grandparents’ place for the weekend, and go out for intimate dinners and short trips every once in a while.

how to keep your marriage fun
12. Throw parties, preferably themed ones!

Throw parties when things get uneventful. Themed parties with funky costumes are sure to mix things up and might even make for a particularly kinky after-party for the two of you :P

how to keep your marriage fun

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