How To Go Minimal in Indian Wear This Diwali! (OTT is Out, Subtle is In)

How To Go Minimal in Indian Wear This Diwali! (OTT is Out, Subtle is In)

Who said Diwali means covering yourself in sequins from top to toe? Leave the sequins for your home decor and embrace Indian wear with a contemporary twist this season! Think beautiful lace and pastel hues with a touch of elegance. Gone are the days when going #OTT was a la mode - today it's all about minimalistic, classy styling. Here are 3 ways to dazzle this Diwali with oodles of glam and minimal effort. Looks like subtlety is the flavour of the season!

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1. Choose a colour that flatters your skin tone

Thank God for being Indian! We're blessed with gorgeous, dusky skin and almost everything suits us - but the trick is to choose a colour that will look great during the day as well as in the evening. So choose your colours wisely! Light pinks, pastel yellows and subtle blues are just as awesome as the brightest rani pink, so take some time to fogure out a colour will work with your skin tone as well as do day-and-night duty.

2. Go minimal on the accessories

Don't forget to keep it simple silly. Stop with the over-accessorizing and let your outfit do the talking. A vintage watch with a ring or two is all you need to make heads turn. If you're looking to stay glam yet minimal, choose accessories that meld into your look and keep one statement piece ready: a baaju bandh, a maang tika or a nice little bracelet. One is enough, so choose well.

3. Add stylish layers

Pair a gorgeous pair of chinos with a salwar to keep it interesting. You can also opt for a monotone look to make separates look like a single outfit. Or go colour-blocking all the way! But don't forget to to keep your layers clean and simple. Or, easier still, wear your favourite crop top with the sari of your choice. Whatever it is, add a contemporary element to your traditional look and layer it up. Even a shawl, a scarf or a pretty little dupatta can do the job.

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4. Luxe fabrics = Refined look

While choosing your Indian outfit, make sure you pay attention to the fabric. Luxe fabrics add elegance and refinement to your look and, trust me, take minimal effort to style. Fabrics make or break an outfit. If the finish looks tacky or there are trailing threads - it's not going to be your best moment. Choose a fabric that really glides on.

5. Silhouettes at play

Understand your body while draping the 6 yards of gorgeous sari fabric! If the traditional draping doesn't flatter your body, go ahead and play with your look and drape it your own way! ;) There are lots of Youtube videos that tell you how to do different drapes - try one this Diwali.

Images by Ravi Bohra

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