How to 'Get Noticed' and Become a Star the Bollywood Way!

How to 'Get Noticed' and Become a Star the Bollywood Way!

You’ve used a hairbrush as your first award and followed Madhuri Dixit’s dance steps to the T. SRK or Salman were your first crush and being serenaded in sunflower fields was your biggest fantasy.

If acting has always been a secret passion, then maybe these admittedly unusual and outrageous things others have done to 'make it' in Bollywood will give you some inspiration! At the very least, you'll get points for creativity ;)

1. Try your hand at winning a beauty pageant!

Above 5’6? Slim? Believe in the work of Mother Teresa? Yes to all? Then you’re all set! You’ll be following in the illustrious footsteps of Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Dia Mirza (this list could go on!).

Point 1- bollywood actress

2. Look eerily like another Bollywood Actress.

Sneha Ullal looks like Aishwarya and Zarine Khan looks like Katrina. Maybe you can be the next Priyanka/Deepika?

3. Learn at least 3 new languages.

If you don’t get into Bollywood, there’s always Tollywood!

Point 3 bollywood actress

4. Hang around Bandstand in Bandra and catch Salman Khan’s attention while he’s cycling around in the evenings.

He loves launching fresh talent after all!

5. Become a porn star

It worked for Sunny Leone, but we really don't recommend this!!

6. Become an Assistant Director.

No, not to aspire to become a  Director someday, but to get your back door entry on to the stage. How do you think Siddharth Malhotra got his break?!

7. After you are minorly famous, join a reality show. We are thinking Big Boss, Splitsvilla, you get the drift!

No easier way to get into the limelight and get noticed for your natural talent for melodrama and hysterics!

8. Strut around your college!

Ekta Kapoor might just spot you for her next TV serial and you might land up in Bollywood. That’s how she discovered Prachi Desai and Krystal D’Souza, after all!

Point 6-bollywood actress

9. Become a rapper. Or a singer.

Don’t you know Yo Yo Honey Singh is acting now? And SRK seems to love singers too.

10. Hire a PR rep. Even if you are a nobody.

Who else will pimp out your name to the media? Plus some tier 3 brand is bound to get you to endorse them! In fact if you come from a wealthy background - you can ‘endorse’ one for free. Just to get your face in the papers.

11. Nepotism. Always. Works.

Hunt within your family tree for that uncle’s cousin’s nephew who is associated with the industry a la Parineeti Chopra.

Family Bride

12. Sneak your way into Page 3 parties.

Air-kiss your way to Karan Johar, SRK or Farah Khan. Network like a pro, your career depends on it.

13. Get a kick ass portfolio clicked.

No we don’t mean by your best friend or your next door neighbour, we mean by a serious professional. Take inspiration from what Farhan Akhtar did in “Luck by Chance

Last point-bollywood actress

14. Snag a TV commercial.

Preity Zinta was the Liril girl and Aishwarya chugged down Pepsi before both got famous.

15. Say yes to the casting couch.

Uhm, not the best way to go about it. (We are JOKING!) Always say NO!!!!

16. Join a theatre group or illustrious acting school (though your chances are pretty slim with this one)

Yes theatre is about acting, Bollywood, not so much. Let's be clear here, we're talking about becoming a star not an actor! ;)

17. Be the best dancer in Shiamak Davar’s class.

If you can dance, 50% of your job is done. Now all you got to do is hit the gym! After all that's how Shahid Kapoor got his big break.

Hrithik DHoom 2

Gif courtesy: India Forums, Giphy.

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