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Don’t You Give Me That Puppy Face! 15 Things Only Dog Lovers Will Relate To

Don’t You Give Me That Puppy Face! 15 Things Only Dog Lovers Will Relate To

If you are a dog lover, your pet is family. There’s something about their dewy-eyed, puppy faces that instantly turns your heart to mush. They are your best buds when you’re lonely, your source of happiness when you’re down, and a pillar of support when you feel like the world is against you. Dogs truly are a human’s best friend. If you happen to be a dog lover, here are a few things you will relate to!

1. There’s not a single pair of shoes or piece of furniture that hasn’t been drooled or chewed on, or isn’t covered with strands of fur.

Misplaced sandals, shredded toilet paper, wet paw prints on the floor and, of course, love bites on all your expensive heels are all in a day’s work for your dog!

puppy chewing

2. You tend to judge people by the way your pooch treats them.

If your dog doesn’t like them, you don’t either!

3.  You feel miserable going on vacation and leaving him behind.

How will he stay alone? What will he eat? How will other people treat him? Will he be comfortable without you or fret till you get back? Sigh, the problems of a being dog lover, we tell you!

sad puppy

4. It’s a huge achievement for you if she gets a trick right!

Did you see that? She’s so smart and obedient! Let's try teaching her more tricks now.

excited people

5. You can’t go to bed without putting him to bed first.

He's like the child you don't have. :)

sleeping dog

6. If someone throws a stone or abuses a stray on the street, you’re the first one to pick a fight with them.

You then start hating humans as a species.

7. No matter how grumpy you are to her, she will love you no matter what.

That’s true! Grudges and hate hold no place in a dog’s heart.


8. You find yourself talking to them about all your problems. (Don’t worry, that doesn’t make you cuckoo!)

They not only sympathize with you, but also patiently hear you out. That’s what friends are for, right?

cute puppy

9. Head tilt, puppy eyes, pointy ears, tail wagging, and an abundant amount of wet kisses aren’t things you can resist.

Not sure if it’s the way they cuddle, play, or shower affection on you, but whatever they do seems to bust the stress in a jiffy!

puppy eyes

10. A long car drive or a walk in the park is enough to bring contentment to a dog’s heart.

Yes, it’s the simple things in life they love and enjoy the most.

happy dog

11. Your cell phone has more pictures of your doggie than your boyfriend.

Who can blame you? Dogs are way more loving and faithful at the end of the day! ;)

12. You would rather splurge on accessories and clothes for your dog than yourself.

Your dog needs to look like a “mini me” version of you.

dressed up dog

13. You get cheesed off when a visitor asks you to lock your dog in the room because they’re scared.

Technically, they’re in your dog’s house.

sarcastic dog owner

14. You know more dog breeds than cat ones in the world.

All cats are called cats in your head. When it comes to dogs, you immediately know which breed type, its behavioral traits and temperament.

15. The moment someone says they’re a cat person, you automatically condition yourself into thinking they’re snobbish and secretive.  

Like cat, like master!

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