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Basic Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Follow This Festive Season!

Basic Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Follow This Festive Season!

Yes, we have all been through the grind. When it comes to festive (or even everyday style) we tend to overlook basics and run along complicated and torturous routes. Maybe something you saw on a magazine cover, on a hoarding, a movie look you desperately want to snag - we all want to the effortless look, only we work too hard at it. Drama, drama, drama. With so many tips, tricks and hacks, your basic makeup routine can get overwhelming so we're keeping it simple. Here are some important basic makeup tips to remember BEFORE you try all those complicated moves.

1. Foundation should be like your second skin


Just like your spanx, no one should ever know you are wearing it! The trick here to remember is: get the right shade for your skin tone. When the colour is correct, it should just disappear. You will look effortlessly beautiful, almost with a new layer of skin. That can only mean one thing - half your job is done!



2. Find your go-to look

makeup1 (1)To achieve this goal, you'll have to experiment with many trends (smokey eye, au naturel or a bold lip sans makeup) and find that sweet spot. Remember this will be easier to achieve if you have a seamless base. The look should unleash your best personality - accentuate your best assets and make you look fab. You have great cheekbones? go for a sculpted look. Pouty lips? matte lipsticks ahoy! Big eyes? kohl, liner, mascara.




3. Cheat your way through bad skin 

makeup (1)Use your makeup to your benefit and you'll never have a bad skin day again. It's all about cheating your flaws and imperfections. Add some concealer  if you've had a late night or brighten your face with bold brows and nude lips. If all else fails, add red matte lipstick to your look and you will stay on the good side of style. Finding that cheat spot can help you tackle a bad skin day in minutes.

4. Blend, blend, blend

FI humidity makeupCakey makeup is the biggest makeup faux-pas. If you look like you're wearing heaps of it, you'll never be in the good books of style. In order to avoid that don't forget to blend. Invest in a beauty blender and a stippling brush for a spotless appearance. Makeup with blending = disaster!

5. Enjoy your look, flaunt it if you can!

sonu-and-jasleen-400x600Like fashion, if you don't own it - you'll always look awkward. If you're trying a new look with makeup, then get accustomed to it and then step out. Besides that,  it's  just makeup for goodness' sake, there are no rules except to have fun!


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