Amanda Bhandari Of Style Coquettes Joins The POPxo Blog Network | POPxo

Amanda Bhandari Of Style Coquettes Joins The POPxo Blog Network

Amanda Bhandari Of Style Coquettes Joins The POPxo Blog Network
Everyday fashion - that's most important to these new age bloggers Mili and Amanda of Style Coquettes. And well, to be honest, it's never easy decoding real trends on real people - writing about the catwalks might just be easier. But Style Coquettes is determined. It's a fashion and lifestyle blog that showcases a life well lived - in style, on trend and in great passion. There are some amazing DIYs and lots of sweet beauty and fashion ideas for real girls. This time, Amanda Bhandari, a media and communication graduate takes on the POPxo blog network and makes sure the best of fashion, beauty and lifestyle is simplified to us mere mortals. Looks like fun, fun, fun! Psst, what we love most about the blog is the cutest little DIYs these girls come up with - watch out for those! Welcome Style Coquettes Amanda Bhandari to POPxo Blog Network and here's a little tete-a-tete with the bright-eyed beauty.

Amanda Bhandari Style Coquettes

What sparked your interest in fashion?

They say playing dress up begins at the age of five and never truly ends and I guess this quote holds true for me. Fashion for me is an expression of my individuality and the fact that I play dress up till date helps me re-discover my fashion sensibility each day.

What is your first fashion / beauty memory?

It has to be my first Dior dress that my dad got me when I was 10. Believe it or not,  about 2 years ago I ended up altering that Dior dress of mine and made a high-waisted tea length skirt out of it.

What is your personal style statement?

Let's just say classic yet trendy! I love to play with couture and classic outfits. If you truly love how you feel in an outfit, forget what fashion magazines say and wear it with pride by giving it your own twist

What made you take up blogging?

I started my blog to talk about how one could revamp their pre-owned clothing by bringing in a wave of fun with clothes pushed back in one's very own closet. However today we are not just a DIY fashion blog and have progressed into an online diary which talks about Fashion, Beauty, Food and Fitness .

What would you like to tell all aspiring bloggers?

Don't fear competition, embrace your uniqueness and do what you are good at!! Trust me people will take notice.

The POPxo Quiz

Amanda Bhandari - 1

One beauty product you swear by

I am currently obsessed with the Brow Zings Shaping Kit from Benefit Cosmetics.

An outfit you could live in for the rest of your life...

The classic LBD simply because this staple is perfect for any occasion

Your biggest guilty pleasure...


The one trend/style you would NEVER wear...

A Bandage Dress

Success is...

Relative, I think.

Fame or Money?

Always Fame

You look up to?

Uncle Karl aka Karl Lagerfeld, the man is a genius and no one can replace him!!

The ONE thing no one knows about you?

I have major OCD  when it comes to hygiene!!

What is your biggest strength?


If you could be anyone for a day, who would you like to be?

Tyra Banks

One last question: How does it feel to be part of the POPxo Blog Network?

POPxo is my daily dose of entertainment hence I am truly excited to be a part of  the blog network. Kudos to POPxo for giving us this great opportunity, I feel honoured.

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