11 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Wearing Heels

11 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Wearing Heels

We love them, we hate them but we can’t live without them. No we’re not talking about men, we’re talking about a beautiful pair of height-inducing, curve-enhancing heels. We all know the torture our feet go through on a long night out, stuffed into a pair of stilettos. Here are the thoughts that run through every girls mind while wearing heels

1. When You Put Them On

- My legs and butt look SO good! Time for a full-length selfie. Tonight is going to be EPIC!

point 1

2. 20 Minutes Later (On The Way To The Party)

- They feel so comfy when I’m sitting down. I hope there are enough chairs at the party to save my soles.

3. When You Reach The Party

- I hope everyone notices these new babies, I spent such a bomb on them. Oops, almost tripped! I hope nobody saw that.

point 3

4. After A Few Songs

- I’m having so much fun and I can’t believe how well I can dance in these. Do I look like JLo when I shake my booty like this?!

5. 3 Drinks Later

- Gosh, my toes are going a bit numb. Need more alcohol to dull the pain!

point 5

6. After Another Few Songs

- Oh god, I can’t take this anymore. My feet are killing me!! Why is the Ladies so far, I don’t know if I can walk till there.

7. In The Ladies Room

-Can I sit here for the rest of the night?! I don’t think my feet can take this trauma anymore.

8. Midnight - Kicking Off Your Shoes

-I can’t believe women actually survive in such shoes. How do models do this? I d I need to go barefoot for a while. Why didn’t I just wear flats?!

point 8


-Finally I can walk and dance without feeling like I’m walking on a bed of nails. But why is everyone towering over me now? :(

point 9

10. Scrambling To Retrieve Them

-I’ve spent 20 minutes finding my pretty shoes. Why is it so crowded in here, I just want to find them and go home. Oh there they are, under that chair in the corner.

11. Getting Home

-I don’t care how drunk my watchman thinks I look, holding my shoes in my hand and still not walking in a straight line. Can’t wait to put my feet up and pass out.

point 11

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