You Know You Were a Rebellious Teenager When...

You Know You Were a Rebellious Teenager When...

The concept of “rules” never really clicked well with you, and you constantly got pulled up for breaking them. But, being the rebellious soul that you were, you hardly batted an eyelid and refuse to bow down to authority. You now know that it’s your teenage rebellion that has made you into this strong, opinionated individual today. Not sure whether you were indeed a teen rebel? Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you!

You know you were a rebellious teenager when...

1. You only bought long tops and kurtis to hide your tattoos or navel piercings. You figured out ingenious ways for the same tops to become 5 inches shorter when you met your friends. (Knotting the ends of your shirt was the easiest.)

Point 1 Rebellious Teenager

2. The first and only time you’ve appeared in a newspaper or a TV channel was when the rave party you were attending in Goa got busted by the cops.

3. When people complain about not getting into clubs because they are underage, you scoff at them ’cos you started clubbing when you were 16.

Point 3- clubbing

4. Your parents warned your younger siblings about never turning into you. If your infamy had spread to the wider family, you were held up as a shining example of how not to behave for your cousins too.

5. You have absolutely no idea what your college classroom looked like, but you have fond memories of the canteen and the local addas.

Point 5-Rebellious Teenager

6. Your parents tried to tame you with ridiculously early curfews, but you would always get home at least 3 hours after your deadline.

Point 6-Rebellious Teenager

7. Frequent calls from the Principal’s office was a common occurrence in your house.

8. You would even come home late from school and tuitions and your friends’ houses because you absolutely had to stop and eat parent-forbidden paapri chaat and golgappas by the roadside.

9. You were always labelled a “bad influence” by your friends’ parents.

10. You had a knack for falling for “bad boys” - the type who could make your mother faint in horror if she ever found out whom you were seeing.

Point 10- Rebellious teens

11. Your grandmom would regularly tell you to pull your jeans up. Relatives complained that they never saw you in “Indian” clothes.

12. Every time your parents took you somewhere, you’d get the “Behave yourself!” lecture. You’d also be asked to change what you were wearing at least twice because your outfit was either too scandalous, too shabby or too grungy.

13. You were caught smoking and/or came home drunk on so many occasions that, when you look back on it now, you actually feel sorry for what your parents went through. Daaru, sutta, ladke - that’s all your parents thought you were interested in.

Point 13- Rebellious Teenager

14. You liked to express yourself through dark music and trippy artwork. You refused to learn to play the harmonium, but would have totally gone for a drum kit.

15. You were a loner most of the time, and you kinda liked it that way.

Point 15- Rebellious Teenager

16. Chilling on the roadside near your neighbourhood paanwala was where you were most often found.

17. Black nail polish, streaks in your hair, super-low jeans and goth fashion was your style statement of choice.

Point 17- Rebellious teenager

18. Spin the Bottle, Seven Minutes in Heaven, Truth or Dare were all favourite activities with you and your friends.

Point 18- Rebellious Teenager

19. You only saw your extended family at big weddings and functions since you would refuse to attend dinners and gatherings hosted by relatives. Sometimes, you’d even use needing to study as an excuse to get out of these things!

20. Relatives and family friends were kept on Limited Profile on Facebook/ never added on Orkut so they couldn’t see pictures of your boyfriends and other escapades.

Point 20-Rebellious Teenager

21. At some point in your life, you knew the lyrics of the “Sutta song” by Zeest by heart.


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