What's in my Bag? Rhea Gupte On Her Fash Week Essentials! | POPxo
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What's in My Bag? Rhea Gupte on Her Fash Week Essentials!

What's in My Bag? Rhea Gupte on Her Fash Week Essentials!

Rhea Gupte2Fierce rains and never-ending deadlines for posts have made blogging in the recent past quite an ordeal. There are times when things fall into place and other times when things seem to go wrong one after the other. After having left my camera back in Mumbai and finding out it may be lost forever, things could pretty much not go uphill from there. Not only have I lost the one thing I absolutely require to work but I have also lost the precious images clicked from it during fashion week! The weather isn’t helping this sulky state of mind either, but I am trying to cope with the loss and hopefully looking at buying a new camera soon. But the truth still breaks my heart. After partially recovering from the hectic shoots, the chaos that was my trip to Mumbai this time and the busy-ness of fashion week, I got myself to create this little post for FUSS and POPxo, where I share some of my must-haves at fashion week.


I am just a regular person with regular needs, and my list starts with a sturdy backpack to cram all my shizz into - my visiting cards so people can remember who I am and my trusty wallet from Metamorphosis, which I always stack to the brim.


A couple of makeup essentials like a little concealer and compact, a touch up for the kohl and mascara and the lip colour I chose to sport through all five days of fashion week - Maybelline New York’s 310 Mochachino - are all I need to get through the day. rhea3 I usually end up throwing a couple of bobby pins in, to keep flyaway strands in place. An extra lens for my camera is a good idea in case I need it for certain shots. Motto: Be Prepared, of course. My beautiful black diary of secrets - wish I was that mysterious, it is just a silly bunch of to-do lists, favourite designers and looks and random thoughts - and a pen that writes seem to be handy. rhea4 This bib necklace from Tsumi is magnificent and I ended up wearing it on two days at fashion week, which was super fun. Having my cell phone on me at all times is a given, and I also carried a couple of pretty goodies I received at the shows to the shows. Case in point, this stunning “BRAT” bag from Ikai by Ragini Ahuja, a lovely scarf by Sania Maskatiya and a killer pair of headphones from the Anita Dongre show. rhea8 My scatterbrain let me down on one of the days, when I completely forgot to carry my accreditation. Very important to carry it on all days to avoid stares of disapproval, general panic and a very annoyed media person! A girl needs her Bobbi Brown brush and a fruity body splash to keep fresh from noon to 10 p.m. Don’t forget the cash and cards when fashion week is happening at a venue like Palladium. Yes, I hear you screaming: “Zara on sale!” rhea9 Overall, I try to keep my bag as light as possible and consciously try to focus ALL my attention on transferring things from bag 1 to bag 2 and then to bag 3. Oh, the pain these transfer errors have caused! I also have a couple of stolen things in there, like this hair scrunchy. No idea how it got in there. But I like it, and I’m going to keep it. No claims for it shall be made hereafter. Rhea Gupte is based in Goa and runs the uber-popular street style blog FUSS. She’s one of the fabulous bloggers who make up the POPxo Blog Network MUST-READ: Want to Stay Pretty at the Gym? Anshita of Vanity No Apologies Tells Us How!  MUST-READ: Rhea Gupte of FUSS Joins the POPxo Blog Network 
Published on Sep 1, 2014
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