What Does Your Lingerie (Really) Say About You?

What Does Your Lingerie (Really) Say About You?
The signature of a truly fabulous woman is her lingerie drawer. Everyone can dress up to the nines, but it's what lies beneath that counts. Yes, it's true - your lingerie says a lot about you!  What's your wonder(bra)ful personality type? We'll tell you. 

From the practical fashionista to the retro lover, from the spunky lady to the girly showstopper - one (or more) of them is definitely YOU. Pick your favourite lingerie style from the fabulous collections over at WunderLove, Westside's lingerie label. Sssh, we bet you didn't know your undergarments sent a message!

The Girly Girl

GIRLYShe likes it delicate, she loves it romantic, she knows that love and fresh air are all that matter - yes, if you're the kind who likes her florals and cupcakes and other delicate prints, you're our girly girl. You are always looking for the silver lining in the story. Always optimistic - that's you! You love long drives, spontaneous trips across the country and lots of tea parties. You make a great friend, a wonderful date and a caring companion - but mostly, you like to keep it fun, and your BFFs always come to you for love advice.
The Wunderlove floral bra set is just perfect for you - because it keeps your look practical but with a hint of delicacy and flirtiness. Price: Bra Rs 799, Panty Rs 299.

The Glamazon

GLAMYou're the talk of town, the special one who likes her wardrobe to embody her style in the boldest manner possible. Your motto in life: Go big, or go home. Well, what we love about you is your enthusiasm and the fact that you don't shy away from the ordinary. You believe that life has to be lived with all that it offers - highs, lows and the in-betweens. Your attitude is what gets noticed first - you are not afraid to speak your mind and never live in the shadows of someone else's popularity. The classic cuts are replaced by daring straps, delicate lace is interspersed with punchy motifs and really flattering ideas - that's your personal style!
The Wunderlove lace bra set in funky florals keeps your look sassy and sexy at the same time. Price: Bra Rs 899, Panty Rs 399.

The Retro Lover

RETROOld movies, Marilyn Monroe's acting chops and vintage flea markets always get your hi-five. You're the gal who is always looking for ways to stay in the past. Your friends call you an old soul, your boyfriend thinks you're a classic beauty and your folks hope you move ahead into the future as fast as possible. But you...you just wish you were born in the 1940s. Your clothing choices always have a vintage vibe - you like them lacy, you like them functional, and at the same time, you want them to show off your beautiful curves in the most elegant way possible.
The Wunderlove Retro bra set in blue with polka dots is just the thing you need to channel that glamorous past while keeping your present fabulous. Price: Bra Rs 799, Panty Rs 299.

The Fabulous Trendsetter

TREND SETTERYou're the girl whom everyone borrows those foreign fashion magazines from - you regularly update yourself on the latest trends and try out a few of even those outrageous ones just for fun. You live for fashion - if Jennifer Aniston wore it to the Academy Awards, that's your cue to try that trend. Living fabulously and loving it is your main motto. You suffer from severe FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and regularly read up on every fashion blog to know the ins and outs of every trend. After all, you are the one to whom folks come for fashion advice! You love travelling, blogging and regularly updating your life with the latest creative ideas.
The lace boy-shorts from the Wunderlove collection is great for you to keep it sexy and fun and high-fashion - the deep-cut of the bra holds the look together and adds so much glamour to your cocktail gown. Price: Bra Rs 899, Panty Rs 399.

The Spunky Lady

SPUNKYYou have the sass, the chutzpah and the guts to flaunt yellow at a traditional black-tie do. You are the spunkiest girl in your college and make sure you stay right on top of trends with your unfailing smile and never-ending energy. You are the right shot of truth juice everyone needs - because you know how to add mix fun into the mundane. What really gets your goat? People who never look for adventure, who live in 9-5 jobs and take life for granted. No, siree, you like to keep your life and wardrobe colourful. And your closet is teeming with all kinds of fun ideas - from neon straps to fun boy-shorts to easy silhouettes.
The Wunderlove Neon Pink lace padded bra set is just right for you because you like to flaunt the love you have for bright colours and brighter minds. Price: Bra Rs 799, Panty Rs 399.

* This is a sponsored feature for Westside. The Wunderlove Lingerie collection is available at select Westside Stores.