10 Ways to Use Makeup to Look Fab in Photos!

10 Ways to Use Makeup to Look Fab in Photos!

Photoshop and Pixilr aren’t always there to add that extra magic touch-up to your photos, right? So that's why you sometimes have to depend solely on your makeup to do the needful. And for great photos, your makeup has to stand out and make you look as if you just stepped out of a fashion magazine page! If you think that's impossible, we’re here to tell you it's not. We give you a list of tips that will not only make your makeup look fab in photos but also look flawless in reality!

1. Always Choose Matte Over Gloss for Lipsticks

matte - point 1

A glossy finish is good, but not better than matte. Since matte shades are flat colours, the chances of light overpowering the skin tone are nil, since they won't reflect as much light as a glossy lippie. Matte products are not only are easy to apply on this skin but also make for easier clicks.

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2. Use a Good Quality Primer


Cameras are good at capturing the tiniest of details. They can emphasize your acne and scars and present a pretty not-so-pretty picture of yourself to the world. And you don’t want that, do you? That’s why you need to invest in a good quality primer! These babies do wonders for your skin. They conceal blemishes and even out your skin tone. When you’re applying the primer, only use it on places that need it the most. There’s no need to apply this on your whole face as it will cause too much shine for the camera.

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3. Replenish the Colour and Plump Your Lips Up

lip gloss - point 3 (1)

You may have put on a fabulous shade of pink, but there will be instances where it might oddly fade off. That’s why you need to carry a lip gloss with you at all times. Just add a fine coat of gloss over your lipstick and voila! - the colour is refreshed, and you’re sorted for the day. You can also use a lip balm to seal the lipstick in. Not only will this help preserve your lipstick but also make your lips look a plumper and fuller in the pictures - perfect for those pouty selfies!

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4. Apply Jet-Black Eyeliner & Mascara

liner - point 4

If you’re the kind of girl who likes to go bare when it comes to eye makeup, we think you need a change. If you want your eyes to look gorgeous and really pop in your pictures, you’ll have to use a black eyeliner or mascara. Black has a knack of drawing attention to one’s eyes and adding a dash of magic to your peepers - and it stands out more in photos than other shades. Once you’ve embraced the basic black liner, you can later start experimenting with different styles. Click here to see the different designs and styles you can try out!

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5. Shape Your Brows

eye brow - point 5

You have to make it a point to visit the salon to shape up your brows once every 3 weeks. Removing the extra hair and sharpening the brow line will make your eyes and forehead look polished. You should also use an eyebrow brush to groom your brows when you're doing your makeup.

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6. Always Use Blush

blush - point 6

A heavy flash can sometimes make your whole face look oddly shiny or totally washed out. That’s why a blush is important. It helps highlight and give definition to your face while giving you a pretty, natural-looking flush. Swipe some on your cheekbones and a bit on your chin. You can also lightly (and just once!) run the brush across your forehead. Always start off with a light tint of blush first, and then slowly added a lil more if required.

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7. Pick Your Eye Colours Wisely

colours - point 7

Not every colour looks good on your skin when exposed to light. That’s why it’s important to use the right shade. For perfect photographs, avoid using light colours like pastels because they get bleached out when the light from the flash hits them. Stick to camera-friendly makeup colours like charcoal, reds, greens, blues, mauves, browns and golds. All these colours look fab when caught on camera.

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8. A Perfect Set of Teeth

floss - point 8

You're probably wondering what your teeth have to do with makeup, but yellow/stained teeth can really kill the magic of a fab lip colour! It’s important to take good care of your teeth to flaunt a gorgeous smile in those selfies. Yep, that’s right! You will have to regularly floss, brush and gargle your mouth with a mouth freshener every day to avoid decay and staining of teeth. For quick results, use hydrogen peroxide to revive that healthy glow of your teeth. As a home remedy, you can simply use lemon juice or baking soda from your kitchen and apply it to your teeth.

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9. Tackle Facial Hair

wax - point 9

Concealer can hide blemishes but not those pesky stray hairs. If you don’t want unwanted facial hair to be seen on camera, you have to get rid of it at the earliest! Make sure you wax or thread before at least 48 hours before a big event to avoid rashes and skin swelling.

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10. Use Powder to Your Benefit

powder - point 10

Sometimes, no matter how perfect your makeup looks, there are chances it of it getting ruined because of sweat or just the act of eating food. That’s why you should always carry a powder kit (preferably matte) along with you to keep your makeup intact for hours after you first applied it. Gently run a brush on your face whenever there's some extra shine that needs toning down.

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