15 Things to NEVER Say at a Job Interview

15 Things to NEVER Say at a Job Interview

You may be a bundle of nerves at any big interview, but you don’t want to miss out on a fantastic job opportunity just because you put your foot in your mouth, right? No matter how badly you want ask a question or make a statement, there are some things that you absolutely must avoid. We tell you all the things to never say at a job interview - be warned that saying any of these things is pretty much a cardinal sin and can make you seem un-hireable.

1. What’s your leave policy like?


Asking about time off from work before you even get a job offer is a big no-no. It's a clear indication that you're more interested in taking a break than in doing your job! Even if you plan/need to take time off for something specific in the near future, or had a terrible leave policy at your last workplace, wait for the next meeting to talk about this.

2. What do you all do exactly?

You’re supposed to do your research before an interview. This shows how unprepared you are and can turn the interviewer off. So, please, do your research and find out about the company before you show up for the interview!

3. Sorry I’m late, but I couldn't help the traffic!


Being punctual for a big interview SHOULD go without saying, but you'd be amazed at the number of people who get this wrong. If you're running late because you didn't leave early enough, that's totally unacceptable. And if you're running late because of some kind of genuine emergency, make sure you call your interviewer at least 15 to 30 minutes in advance and politely (and apologetically) let you know. Because, guess what, they are going to pretty much assume that you're a habitually late person.

4. I really love your shirt.

You may want to fall back on flattery to break the ice with your interviewer, but this tends to sound more creepy than complimentary. And, also, totally unprofessional. You're there to be tested for your suitability for the job, not as a fashion commentator.

5. Umm...I’m not sure.

Prepare your answers to possible questions in advance. And if you haven’t, and your future employer has caught you off-guard with something, think of something relevant quickly and say it with confidence. Hemming and hawing at an interview makes you sound a) nervous; b) not up to the task.

6. What are the work timings? I hope I don’t have to work beyond 6 p.m.


Your eagerness to run out of office as soon as you can is definitely not going to impress your prospective employers. They're looking for someone who will do the job no matter what it takes. If you want to be out of the office at 6 every day, you gotta be good at managing your time!

7. Oh crap!

NEVER use any type of “bad word” in an interview. It is tremendously unprofessional.

8. My ex-boss was a total slave driver

Bad-mouthing previous employers makes you sound like a whiner/complainer and doesn’t reflect well on you. Be advised that this is something that makes potential employers want to check up with your former manager/ colleagues about your attitude in the workplace, and if they hear something negative, that's not going to be good for you at all.

9. I’m not feeling too good today

Making excuses for not performing well in your interview is a strong signal about how you plan on doing your job. Don't go there, even if you think the interview is not proceeding as well as you'd expected.

10. Do you mind if I take this call?


Phones should strictly be on silent. Unless you're sure you don't want this job, and are not even willing to make an effort.

11. I thought you already had a copy of my CV

Carrying a few hard copies of your resume is a MUST for any interview. They're probably looking at many candidates for the job - you don't want to be the person they reject for sounding put upon for being asked to produce the most simple and mandatory thing for any job application!

12. I just got fired.


Don’t lie. But please explain this in a less-awkward/ more diplomatic manner. Talk about how you and your employer felt you would be happier in another job role. Telling them you just got fired is not going to inspire confidence in your abilities.

13. My last job was too demanding.

Stop complaining! You need to sound like you’re ready for anything. And when you're applying for a job, you SHOULD be ready for anything. If you're not, then very carefully evaluate the kind of work you want to do, and make sure this issue doesn't crop up at the interview phase at all.

14. I need this job.

Desperation will never work for you. People will assume that you don't care about this job in particular at all, and that anything will do. Trust us, your potential employer wants someone who cares.

15. I'm not a morning person.


Yes, because a late-night party animal is exactly what they’re looking for, right?

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