8 Things That Will Happen If You Get Back with Your Ex

8 Things That Will Happen If You Get Back with Your Ex

Time and again your friends warned you not to get back with your ex, but you went ahead and did what your heart felt was best. While you may be perfectly content with your choice, be prepared to face some pretty awkward situations and plenty of disapproval coming your way. However, if you still haven’t made that life-changing decision, we think you should ponder over these few points before you give your old relationship a second shot. Here are 8 things that will happen if you get back with your ex.

1. You shouldn't automatically expect your friends to have your back again


They’ve seen him being a douche to you. They’ve lent you a shoulder to cry on when the two of you broke up. However, now that you’ve gotten back with him, things could change between you and your friends when it comes their support of your relationship. Talk it out, explain to them why you got back with him in the first place. If they are your true friends, they’ll stick to you no matter what, even if they don't agree with you.

2. Everyone will have an opinion


Less positive opinions, more negative ones. Even if they never come out into the open with it, most people WILL gossip about you - when you first got together, why you broke up, OMG-are-they-together-again? Our advice, ignore this. You have enough to work on with this new "old" relationship.

3. You’ll have a lot to catch up on


Does time make the heart grow fonder? Well, there’s only one way to find out, isn't it? Since you cut all ties with him before, now would be the ideal time for the two of you to catch up on each other's lives. Be prepared to hear about his flings, crazy drunk moments and living a happier solo life. Be warned that it hurts to hear these things, even if you acted and felt exactly the same way while the two of your were broken up. Ask yourself if are you willing to put yourself through this.

4. You'll be asked tons of questions


What? When? How did it happen? These are only some of the questions that will come your way. While most people will gossip among themselves, some people will come right out and ask you these things, even if they aren't close friends. Smile, nod, move on. Don’t try to justify yourself by getting involved in these conversations - you’re not answerable to anyone.

5. You’ll push away the other guys who liked you


Your decision to get back with your ex could ruin tons of other possibilities of dating new men. And, remember, even if there's a guy who is already interested in you right now, you're sending some pretty strong signals that you're kind of hung up on your past - he might not want to hang around to see whether this works out or not.

6. You’ll encounter awkward situations


There will be situations where the two of you might bump into friends you made when you were apart, and friends who saw the worst bits of your breakup. Trust us, it could get a little stressful and awkward. Especially if they accidentally bring up stuff that you'd rather your ex (er, your present) not find out about. Be calm, shrug it off.

7. You’ll find yourself left alone


After hearing about the two of you patching up, your regular hang-out peeps might start distancing themselves from you. Not because they don't like you, but because they don't want to get caught up in all the drama! Trust us, this is normal. Give them their space. When they’ve learnt to accept seeing the two of you together, they’ll get around. ;)

8. Don’t expect your ex to change his ways


Times may change, but people don’t. So, if you’re looking for a changed man, sorry honey, it ain’t going to happen. He may change for a few days, but he’ll be back to square one eventually. Be sure you’re ready to accept this!

Now that you know a list of the things that will happen if you get back with your ex, we hope you make a decision that you won't regret! 

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