Things Single Girls Think When Hanging Out with Their Married Friends!

Things Single Girls Think When Hanging Out with Their Married Friends!

After 24, you see most of your friends tying the knot and flaunting their marriage all over your Facebook timeline. You’re single and happy, but you also can’t help but have all these thoughts run through your mind when you’re around your married friends…

1. Is it possible for them to sit without holding hands or touching each other?!

2. Why do they always have to give me advice on love and relationships?

3. They actually are really cute together. I’m so happy for her. (And a bit jealous!)

4. No, I do not want to be set up with your husband’s friend!

married friends - point 4
5. Why don’t they get that marriage is not my only priority?

6. Will they always come as a pair now?

7. Can I crash at their place without it being awkward?

8. Do I sound like a complete aunty-ji when I ask them about when they’re going to have children?

9. Or if they have kids: they are super cute, yes, but please stop talking about them all the time. And don’t get us started on “How to get your toddler into the best school” conversations!

married friends - point 13

10. Wow! These two fight a lot.

11. It’s so awkward that they insist on paying for me always.

12. I wish they would stop gushing about their 6th honeymoon!

Married Friends-Point 7

13. Sigh! Will I ever find true love like these lovebirds? After looking at them, I do believe that “soulmates” exist!

14. Why does everybody put on weight after marriage?

15. Oh God, I wish they would stop talking about how nice/terrible their mom-in-laws are all the time!

married friends talking - point 17

16. Maybe I should give it another shot with [insert ex’s name]?!

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