“Itne Paise Mein Itnaich Milega!": 20 Things Never to Say to Your Boss

“Itne Paise Mein Itnaich Milega!": 20 Things Never to Say to Your Boss

No matter how friendly or intimidating your boss is, there are some things that you’d best keep mum about. Overstepping that fine line between vocal and unacceptable, and speaking your mind about/making up excuses for certain things, we assure you, can land you in hot soup! Scroll down and make notes, because we bring you a list of 20 things never to say to your boss.

1. I need a vacation, ahem. (After you’ve just taken one.)

You’ll soon be on vacation permanently.

Point 1-Things to never say to your boss

2. Um, that doesn’t make sense at all.

Even if they’re talking nonsense, be polite about it. Your boss does have more experience than you.

3. Let’s take a selfie.

Um, NO, that’s totally inappropriate. (Unless they initiate it.)

Point 3-What not to say to your boss

4. My grandma’s not well, so I can’t come in. A week later: My other grandma is not well, so I can’t come in.

Transparent much?

5. That’s not my job!

Even if it isn’t, you can do it sometimes.

Point 5- Things to never say to your boss

6. I think i’m going to be sick next week!

And the next week to come too? Better to quit and check yourself into a hospital.

7. Do I really have to finish this now? Can I do it over the weekend?

You better have a genuine, work-related reason for this, otherwise bye-bye-appraisal.


8. I don’t think you’re qualified enough to be my boss.

This should only be sent when you’ve quit, collected all your dues and are certain you’re never going to return to the organization. Or if you can get a certificate from a doctor that states you are deranged.

9. I kinda fell asleep at that meeting.

You’ll be kinda awake through the night for the rest of the week finishing your colleagues’ work.


10. Is your job only about making others do your work?

Yes, y’all are minions. Get it?

11. Whom did you sleep with to get this position?

Even if you know for a fact that’s true (how?!), please never, ever bring this up. It’s career suicide.

12. Only an hour for lunch?

Yep, that’s all. Unless you want to work post-work hours. Your boss will be cool with that too.


13. I saw those photos of you at that party on Facebook.

Letting your boss know you follow (read “stalk”) them on Facebook isn’t going to help impress them.

14. I can’t stay late today, I have a life!

Sadly, you also have a job and not much choice.

15. Don’t you think it’s time I get a promotion or a raise?

You better have awesome ratings on your appraisal form if you’re bringing this up. If you’ve been faffing around doing absolutely nothing, you’ll be in line for a demotion.


16. You’re really attractive.

It’s nice to have a hot boss, but let’s not get creepy about it.

17. Do you want to get a drink after office?

Making a move on your boss will NEVER end well. (It’s different if you’re asking your boss to join you and other colleagues for some after-hours bonding. Even then, this is not the way to ask.)


18. As much as you like the idea of the project, I don’t want to take it on.

When your boss says “Do this”, it’s an instruction, not a suggestion.

19. Did you get the Instagram video I just sent you?

Yes, they will LOVE knowing that you’ve been spending your time on social media rather than actually working.


20. I don’t get paid enough to do this!

Itne paise mein itnaich milega, you say? Aisa kahoge toh zyada kabhi bhi nahin milega, says your boss.

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