Regretting That Weekend Binge? We Give You 8 Simple Ways to Detox!

Regretting That Weekend Binge? We Give You 8 Simple Ways to Detox!

They say that the body is the temple for the soul. But do we really treat it like a temple? Well, not really. Instead of nourishing our body and keeping it healthy, we constantly load up on foods with high levels of sugar, salt, oil, fats. We ignore simple things like a good night's rest and keeping ourselves hydrated - and the result? Come Monday morning, we're all struggling to function post a weekend of indulgence. But fear not, we give you 8 simple ways to detoxify your body. (Psst. Follow these steps every day, and you'll never have to suffer those Monday morning blues!)

1. Drink Enough Water


Gulping down one glass of water during the day is not enough, you need to have a minimum of 8. Water flushes out unwanted toxins, boosts metabolism, improves the texture of your skin, ensures proper functioning of all your organs, and is great for blood purification. Ditch that soda and grab a bottle of water!

2. Exercise Regularly


With work, family commitments and daily chores being a priority, it becomes a challenge to allot a specific time to exercise. But it really should be a priority because it does wonders for your body. It encourages better blood circulation, keeps you fit, builds stamina, enhances digestion and eliminates toxins through sweat. Also, it releases endorphins - the "happy" hormone! Why aren’t you starting already?

3. Replace Caffeinated Drinks with Green Tea


We know it’s a tough decision, especially when your brain is craving some coffee, but the switch has immensely beneficial payoffs. Green tea is loaded with good antioxidants and helps your body function better. Like water, it keeps you hydrated, flushes out unwanted toxins and keeps your system healthy. It may taste a bit blander than your coffee, but trust us, you'd be doing yourself a huge favour.

4. Eat Your Veggies

Vegan veggies

Veggies make for a healthier meal than meat any day. They have all the important and essential minerals, vitamins, nutrients and fibres that your body needs. Since they are packed with micro-nutrients and contain less calories than meat, you can consume them in much larger quantities without having to worry about carb-loading. Create a diet schedule keeping veggies as your prime focus. Later on add fruits, beans, whole grain and nuts to mix it up.

5. Get Some Sleep


A lot of us tend to neglect sleep, despite knowing the huge role it plays as far as health is concerned. So we repeat: sleep gives your body a chance to rest and recuperate. During your slumber, your body finds ways to replace and repair damaged tissue and cells. So, if you want to have a fresh start to your day, you know what you have to do!

6. Indulge in Superfoods


It’s all about eating right. Not all foods are healthy, but some are exceptionally so. These power foods are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, protein, nutrients and fibre. And they not only make for healthy nibbles but delicious ones too. Here’s a list of a few superfoods that you should be trying out: salmon, avocado, butternut squash, spinach, tuna, olive oil, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, walnuts, almonds.

7. Sweat It Out

Beauty Steam

Sweat is your body’s way of cooling itself and flushing out toxins from your system. Very often, the pores of your skin are clogged with dirt - in order to get rid of that, you need to sweat. Did you know that sweat is actually odourless and takes its smell from the dirt on your body? If you find yourself smelling bad, it's a clear sign that your system needs detoxing. Hit the treadmill, have a hot water bath or visit a sauna - and give your pores and glands a chance to breath!

8. De-Stress Yourself Daily


Stress is the cause of immense damage to your system! It makes your body absorb toxins more easily and traps them within. If you don’t learn how to handle stress, be prepared to suffer from sudden panic attacks. Here are a few ways to transform nervous energy into positive energy: do some yoga; smile and laugh at the little things in life; get into a relationship with fitness (see point 2!); listen to soothing music; read a book to unwind!

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