16 Signs That You Are Ready to Move In Together!

16 Signs That You Are Ready to Move In Together!

Moving in together is a BIG step, one that cannot be taken on a whim! If you’re planning on living with your partner, make sure you take those love goggles off, and read this article carefully. You don’t want to end up moving in to find that the person you love, in the comfort of his home, is actually a slobby couch potato, right? Here are 16 signs that you are ready to move in together!

1. You don’t feel pressurized when the topic of moving in is broached. You actually WANT to do it.

2. You’re totally done with living the life of a single girl in the city and look forward to a comfortable and domestic life with your partner.

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3. You have clearly defined your personal space and time and are sure that your partner won’t pull a Ross on you. Remember how he wouldn’t leave Rachel alone even at her office?!

4. You are aware of each other’s bad habits and are okay with them. You better be prepared to handle messy bathrooms and unmade beds!

5. You are way beyond the phase where you were grossed out by each others burps and farts!

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6. You are absolutely, 100% prepared to deal with fights about closet space and sharing drawers.

7. You are both comfortable being quiet around each other, sitting and working or reading together, without feeling the need to “do something”.

8. You already have a designated side of the bed in his bedroom and the rule is followed with or without you being present.

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9. You have seen each other in your ugliest avatars - unplucked eyebrows, unwaxed legs, 5 o’clock shadow et al. If you can find comfort in that unkemptness, you are totally ready to live together.

10. You already have most of your stuff at his place and it makes no sense to keep paying for your apartment any more.

11. You’ve clearly established that both of you are going to split the cost of living.

12. You’ve met each other’s parents and know them well enough to host them when they come over, without squabbling about it. Your families are okay with it too.

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13. You have travelled together for longer than a week and enjoyed each other’s company.

14. You're okay with braving the societal disapproval that inevitably comes with an unmarried couple living together in India.

15. You are way past the honeymoon phase where all the stupid ideas sound great. The decision to move in together needs to be taken rationally and preferably when you are sober.

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16. You might fight a lot, but have always managed to move past your disagreements. If you’re sure no petty fight can come between you and your partner, then you are ready. :)

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