40 Signs That You Are an Old Soul - Even If You Are in Your 20s!

40 Signs That You Are an Old Soul - Even If You Are in Your 20s!

You're not greying yet, nor do you get random aches and pains at the end of the day. And yet, people insist on telling you that you are very mature and sound like you're 40. If you worry about why this happens, fear not - you're not a dull person! You’re just mentally much, much older than you think. Here are a few tell-tale signs that you are an old soul - even if you’re in your 20s! ;-)

1. You actually stop people from calling out for more shots. You're also the default designated driver for most outings.


2. You refer to younger people as “kids”. Even if you're barely a year older than them.

3. You find yourself Googling #YOLO and #FOMO. You prefer "carpe diem" and fear missing out on important current affairs developments more than happening parties.


4. You drink tea at teatime. You also ask for cookies or sandwiches to go with it.

5. You love jazz. And you grumble about dubstep.


6. Your friends call you out for drinks at 10 p.m. and you say, “I’m already in my PJs and in bed.” It's not that you don't want to hang out with them, but you're settled in for the night and would much rather read a book.

7. You like to get up early in the morning. Obviously - since you sleep early too.


8. Your idea of a perfect weekend is to stay in. Read a good book, cook and entertain one or two good friends if you get bored.

9. You wish you were born a few decades earlier, when it was cool to dress fancy, smoke cigars and wear hats. Retro is your default state of mind.


10. You are often called “wise” or “mature” by people around you. This puzzles you most of the time, because as far as you can tell you just choose to use common sense.

11. You are a sucker for actual books and newspapers. You can't understand what the big deal is about Kindles and iPads.


12. You know the difference between loneliness and solitude. You enjoy the latter.

13. “Can you turn down the music?” is your constant refrain at parties. You want to talk to people, not strain to make yourself heard.


14. You appreciate punctuality. You want to do bodily injury to people who are always running late.

15. You also admire table manners. You like to use actual cutlery instead of paper plates and plastic spoons even if you've ordered in.

16. You are sufficiently jaded and cynical and therefore can’t share your friends’ dreamy-eyed optimism about life. You feel rather maternally concerned about the inevitable disillusionment that they are headed for.


17. You are still a snail mail writer. You actually know where the nearest post office is.

18. You are your group’s agony aunt. Everyone turns to you, whether it is to just unburden themselves or to seek advice.


19. You have a retirement plan. In fact, you are probably already living it.

20. You don’t click selfies. You despise people who do.

21. You’ve started to agree with your parents. Rebellion is for children.

22. You’re a pro at dealing with break-ups. You even manage to stay friends with your exes.


23. You have savings. And a savings plan.

24. You love spending time with your pets. And babysitting your friends' kids.

25. You often worry about school fees. How will you afford to send your hypothetical offspring to school if they keep rising at this rate?

26. You prefer hanging out at quaint bars rather than happening clubs. You drink to unwind, not to get drunk.

27. You use words that make your friends scratch their heads in bewilderment. You like "juxtaposing" things, instead of just putting them next to each other.


28. You’re super-regular with your laundry. Your laundry basket is as carefully tended to as your eyebrows are.

29. Your room is considered the shining example of cleanliness and order. Even your mother remarks on how organized you are.

30. You tend to get nostalgic A LOT. “Jab hum chhotey thay toh…”

31. You are very settled in your ways. Your mom thinks you will never get married because you could not be bothered to change anything about your daily routine.

32. At some point recently, you attended a book club meeting. You feel very strongly that kids these days don't read enough.


33. You worry about your friends. You often wonder if they’ll make it to their thirties sober and alive.

34. You have very strong, unchanging opinions about most things. You don't like people questioning them.


35. You eat healthily because you like it. You don't really care about whether it's going to help you lose/gain weight or not.

36. You prefer to unwind with a glass of wine and a nice snack platter in the comfort of your cosy little room. Your house parties are better known for the excellent food served rather than the plentiful booze.


37. Online shopping is a blessing. Now you don’t even need to make the effort of going to the mall to buy stuff.

38. You hate change and try your best to plan things in advance. You get very irritated when people cancel at the last moment.

39. While the world runs around trying to win some imaginary race, you have the foresight to know what’s truly important in life and what makes you happy. You're baffled by why the people around you are constantly in a tizzy over stuff.

40. You actually like getting older. Hoping that one day there won’t be such a disparity between your biological and mental ages!


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