42 Signs That You Are a Certified Bookworm!

42 Signs That You Are a Certified Bookworm!

You like to read. And you don’t understand people who don’t. Don’t worry, you’re not alone - you’re one of the millions of book lovers who make up this brilliant and beautiful world! Here are 42 signs that you are a certified bookworm - go ahead, test yourself. :)

1. You smell books before buying them. The mustier the better. But a new book smells sexy too.

2. You can finish reading a book super-fast.

3. You LOVE second-hand bookstores and street book sales. You also have a favourite bookshop in your city.

4. The manager there knows you and your reading preferences.

5. You cannot fathom travelling without a book on you.

6. Sometimes you carry a book with you to social gatherings and movies. In case you get bored.

7. You wear old clothes, so you don’t have to shop, so you can save money for new books.

8. You only let a very small selection of close friends borrow your books.

9. You have a superpower: when reading you can drown out all voices and noises around you.

10. Your mother/ partner/ child has given up trying to talk to you when you’re reading.

11. You worry about dust settling on your books.

12. You’ve spent hours figuring out which bookshelf you should buy. You also like Googling interesting bookshelf photos.

13. You can read while doing other things - like eating, taking a dump, messaging, talking on the phone, painting your nails, etc, etc.

14. You have no qualms about stealing other people’s books. No one is allowed to steal your books, though.

15. Bookmarks. You have way too many.

16. You give away bookmarks to strangers on the metro because you just can’t stand the blatant lack of book etiquette.

17. If you arrive early for a meeting, you obviously kill time at some bookshop going through the new releases.

18. You can’t go to sleep without reading at least one paragraph at night.

19. “What do you want for your birthday?” Your answer still is: “A nice book.”

20. You prefer not to sell books. You’d rather take them to your grave.

21. At some point, you’ve had a pet (real or imaginary) named Mr Darcy, Gatsby, Bilbo, Aslan, Bagheera, Romeo, Hugo, Godot or Dinah.

22. You are often asked: “So what are you reading these days?”

23. You are a book cover slut. If it’s an amazing cover, you’ve got to pick it up.

24. Your head spins with rage whenever someone interrupts you in the middle of a chapter.

25. You’ve never, ever liked a movie version of a book.

26. You judge people by the books that they read. You can’t be friends with people whose favourite writer is [insert name of author you loathe].

27. You cried when [fill in the blank] died and were depressed for a week after.

28. You have queued up at 5 a.m. to buy a newly released book from a series. (I’m looking at you, all you Harry Potter fans :D)

29. Your whole day can be ruined if someone returns one of your books with oil stains on it or with its spine cracked.

30. Old, antique, second-hand books with inscriptions inside are priceless to you.

31. You are secretly building your own private library at home. One day you want your living room to look like this:

32. Your Facebook cover/ profile photo is a variation of this:

33. You have watched this and been in AWE.

34. You re-read books just because they make you feel warm, fuzzy and at home.

35. You become so attached to literary characters that you often start behaving like them.

36. Paper cuts? You’re a pro at ignoring the pain.

37. You use a lot of literary references. You are quite idealistic too.

38. You liked the Library Period in school. You actually borrowed books too.

39. You can’t relate to people who don’t read.

40. You don’t have an answer to the question: “What’s your favourite book?”

41. Other people have games on their phone. You have apps for different e-book formats.

42. Books have made you happy, made you cry, caused you pain and seriously mind-f**ked you, but they’re your favourite things in the whole world!

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