#AppleWatch: Forget Fitbit, Apple’s New Toy Is All Every Woman Needs! | POPxo
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#AppleWatch: Forget Fitbit, Apple’s New Toy Is All Every Woman Needs!

#AppleWatch: Forget Fitbit, Apple’s New Toy Is All Every Woman Needs!

Apple’s annual product launch event is like none other in the world of consumer retail. With millions of people tuning in for the live feed from Cupertino, it isn’t the least bit surprising that the site crashed a few minutes into the live coverage. Despite that, our FB, Twitter and Instagram walls were flooded with #AppleLive updates, particularly with updates about the first new product Apple has launched in 4 years, the Apple Watch!


Do make note of the name: it is NOT the iWatch. Apparently, Swatch objected to it being called that as it owns the right to the word ‘iSwatch’! (Yes, as if we were all bound to get confused!)

So, why should you care? Samsung and Motorola, after all, released a smart watch months ago. Well, despite the steep price point of $349, here are 5 reasons that, as a woman, might just have you saving up for one. ;)

1. Wear It Without Being Labelled a Tech Geek (Are you listening, Google Glass?)


Jonathan Ive (Apple’s Chief Designer) has created something you might actually want to wear without being labelled a tech geek. Seriously, it looks a LOT better than the other smart watches on the market and is very customizable. With an option of stainless steel and 18k gold for the face and a range of strap colours, it’s possible to wear this and make a fashion statement! (We particularly love the neon strap options! :) ) Plus you know you’re in good hands when execs at Burberry, Yves St Laurent and Tag Heuer were consulted!

2. Work Out with It!


It can monitor your heart rate, calories burnt, and, for the less fitness-obsessed amongst us, it tells you how much time you’ve spent sitting vs standing. (We’re not sure we want to find out the answer to that one!)

3. No More Getting Lost While Navigating on Maps!


Apple Watch sends you a gentle nudge (by vibrating) every time you take a wrong turn. Now that’s a feature we can get behind :)

4. Poke and Send Hand-Drawn Messages to Fellow Apple Watch Wearers!


The “iMessage” equivalent of the Apple Watch is its ability to connect. Other wearers can send you hand-drawn pictures and (physically) poke you through a vibrate option to get your attention! (We see endless possibilities for this feature to both annoy and connect with friends.)

5. If You Want to Space Out at Meetings...


Just slyly glance down at your watch to check messages without looking totally rude. Its “Glance” feature shows you your next event, emojis and messages.

Sources: fastcompany.com, newyorker.com, refinery29.com, businessinsider.in. Images: Apple Inc., via sources mentioned.

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Published on Sep 10, 2014
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