#RealGirlStyle: 10 Trends Short Girls Should Avoid & Stylish Alternatives!

#RealGirlStyle: 10 Trends Short Girls Should Avoid & Stylish Alternatives!

Being vertically challenged means you’re cute and petite, can squeeze in just about anywhere and can really experience that warm romantic glow of standing on your toes for a perfect kiss.

 We give you a list of trends short girls should avoid (or definitely the cheats that make the trends work). Check out the stylish alternatives available to you, and rock your look every day. You're welcome!

1. Long Jackets and Tunics


Tops and jackets that fall at or below the hips will do nothing but make you look stockier!

A Stylish Alternative: A top/jacket that falls to the top of your hips, like this Mango Blue Sleeveless Top, can help make you look more proportionate.

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2. Midi/Tea-Length Skirts


The calf-length hem of these totally in-season skirts breaks up your leg line, which is super-unflattering for a short woman. Of course if you must step into a pair of heels to add, well, height!

A Stylish Alternative: You need to go super-long or super-short to flatter your height best. But if you really want something in-between, then a pencil skirt should be your go-to. We think this Shadow Skirt from Stalk Buy Love is perfect.

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3. Round Toe Heels


Especially when you want to wear flats, round-toed shoes are never the best option for a short girl!

A Stylish Alternative: Pointy-toe heels and flats, like these Forever 21 Faux Suede Flats ,will always help make your legs look longer and fake a few extra inches.

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4. Puffy Sleeves


Big or puffy sleeves add bulk and a disproportionate edge to your smaller frame.

A Stylish Alternative: A fitted sleeve for a sleeker appearance, like this Button Front Dress on KOOVS, will always compliment you best.

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5. Shirt Dresses

shirt dress

They may be comfy and breezy, but the loose fit may look too overwhelming on you and drown your small frame. If you do have a fav shirt dress, remember to belt it in.

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A Stylish Alternative: A classic shift dress, like this Tribal Print Tee Dress fromThe Closet Label, is something you can’t go wrong with. The shorter the hemline, the taller you will look.

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6. Wide-Leg Trousers


Sleeker silhouettes will always make you look thinner and taller than over-sized silhouettes, so a pair of wide-leg pants may not look as great on you as you thought they would. The way to cheat them is by wearing them with wedges and by keeping the hemline long, so it creates the illusion of long legs.

A Stylish Alternative: Cigarette pants and boot-cuts are what you should always look for. These River Island Multi Floral Cigarette Pants are perfect for a petite frame.

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7. Too Many Ruffles and Fabrics


Tops, skirts and dresses with too many pleats, heavy draping and layers are definitely styles you should stay clear off to avoid getting lost in all that fabric.

A Stylish Alternative: Skater skirts and dresses, like this FabAlley Heart Play Skater Dress, are always flattering when you want a change from shift or column dresses.

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8. Oversized Bags


Too-big bags can swallow up your silhouette as they are disproportionately large for your body and will make you look even shorter than you are!

A Stylish Alternative: A medium-sized tote, like this United Colours of Benetton Bag, is great for stashing all your essentials and for complimenting your size.

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9. Big Prints and Horizontal Stripes


Large polka dots and wide prints are a complete no-no for your frame. The same goes for horizontal stripes that make you look broader than you are - the opposite effect of vertical stripes, which have an elongating ability!

A Stylish Alternative: Long prints that point downward, like with this ASOS Stripe Textured Pep Hem Dress, work wonders for a short girl.

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10. Boxy Tops

boxy top

A boxy blouse or top will do nothing for your frame and will just make you look boxier and stockier than your actual frame. If you are wearing one, remember to tuck it in.

Image: cottonsandcurls.com

A Stylish Alternative: Tops and shirts that are fitted make for a better silhouette and elongate your torso. This Miss Selfridge Nude Scallop Blouse is so pretty!

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