#RealGirlBeauty: 7 Ways Your Manicure Is Ruining Your Nails

#RealGirlBeauty: 7 Ways Your Manicure Is Ruining Your Nails
You might spend plenty of time and care in growing your nails long, and you might love painting them a bright new colour every few days, but there are so many ways in which you could be unknowingly wrecking your nails! We all love a fresh manicure, but before you book your next appointment, we give you some pointers on the ways you could be ruining your nails and not even know it!


Not Taking a Break in between Polishing Up

Every woman loves that extra boost of confidence that a striking new shade on her digits bring, but constantly painting your nails can seriously weaken them. It’s important to let them go "naked" every now and then to keep them healthy and strong.

Picking at Your Polish

If there’s one thing that can ruin a well-put together outfit, it’s the sight of chipped nails. Once your colour starts to get flaky, it’s tempting to start peeling it off, but doing so can be more damaging than you know - and not just for your style statement! While picking at your nail paint, you will actually be lifting off the top layer of your nail cells, which will lead to bumps, white patches and breakage.

Skipping the Base Coat

Most of us add a clear topcoat to make sure that the colour lasts longer, and yet we skip the even more important step of adding a base coat before painting on our shade of choice! Make sure to always have a clear base coat to form a protective layer over your nails to prevent them from turning yellow thanks to all the colour. We like the Sally Hanson Insta-Grip Fast Dry Base Coat.

Getting Acrylic Nails and Gel Manicures

Ladies, the thought of permanently immaculate nails of your dream length is tempting enough for any of us to consider acrylic nails, but what’s the point of having fake, strong nails on the outside while your real ones are getting weakened and damaged under it? The same goes for gel manicures. Not only do these nail treatments dry out your nail bed, but they also cause thinning and lead to brittle nails that are prone to cracking. No, thank you!


Growing Them Long

Who doesn’t love growing out their nails every once in a while? But keeping them reasonably short is not only sanitary but also helps prevent snagging and tearing. The longer your nails are, the easier it is for dirt and debris to get lodged under them, which makes them more prone to infections. Thankfully, short nails are "in" right now, they look great and are so much better for the well-being of your hands!

Gnawing at Your Nails

We don’t need to tell you twice that biting your nails is a horrible habit, right? You got to admit that it’s pretty gross. Plus it can actually lead to nasty yeast and bacterial infections for your fingers. The best way to curb this bad habit is to indulge in expensive manicures that will hopefully keep you from wanting to put your pretty fingers in your mouth. That, or keeping your nails super-short.

Using Too Much Acetone

Going overboard on the nail polish remover can be more harmful than you imagined. Using a remover that contains acetone can dry out your nails, which can increase the risk of breakage and infections. The only solution is to paint your nails less often. You need to particularly keep this in mind if you’re someone who likes to match their nail colour to their outfit of the day.


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