#RealGirlBeauty: The Causes of Premature Greying - And What You Can Do!

#RealGirlBeauty: The Causes of Premature Greying - And What You Can Do!

There is nothing more horrifying than coming across a few silver strands in your flowing locks. And if you accidentally pull one out, then you start imagining the horror of going fully white by the time you hit 30! Calm down, picking out one grey hair isn’t going to make you sprout 20 more, that’s just a myth. But today we tell you the causes of premature greying, and give a few preventive tips if you’re not yet ready to turn into a silver fox!


The Causes of Premature Greying

1. You Can’t Fight Genetics

When your body stops producing melanin, which are in your hair follicles and are what give your hair its colour, is when your strands go grey. Most people start greying around the same time as when their parents and grandparents did, so if they started going grey at an early age, there is a good chance that you will too. There is pretty much nothing you can do about this, sorry!

2. An Unbalanced Diet

As with anything to do with our bodies, what we eat plays a large role for premature greying. A poor diet that is low in proteins, vitamins, zinc and iron can contribute greatly to the depletion of melanin in your hair, which causes your mane to lose its colour. Eat healthy - that's what you can do to help yourself. Load up on leafy green veggies, almonds, berries, salmon and dairy products as they are all rich in vitamins and B12 that help prevent grey hair.

3. Not Kicking the Butt

As if there weren’t enough reasons to put out that cigarette already! Along with all the health hazards it brings, smoking can also contribute to those surprise strands of silver. Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that not only harm the lungs and other parts of your body but also contribute to damaging hair follicles, which can lead to an early onset of grey hair.

grey hair

4. Hormonal Fluctuations

Medical conditions related to the pituitary gland, which is directly related to the production of melanin as well as other important hormones, can contribute the greying of your hair. Also, other hormonal disorders such as thyroid conditions can also play a role in your hair turning white.

5. Lack of Vitamin B

A deficiency of the vitamin B12 is quite common among many people, which can cause a variety of symptoms from fatigue to low immunity for some people, while others remain blissfully unaware that they lack this important vitamin. This deficiency also plays a large role in the depletion of melanin in your hair, leading to early greying. Make sure to load up on proteins and fruits rich in Vitamin B. You can also try a good vitamin supplement recommended by your doctor.

A Few Remedies to Try

  • If you don’t want to go in for all-over colour, then you can get highlights in your hair, as the lightened strands will help the greys blend in with the rest of your hair.

  • Curry leaves (kadi patta) is great to include in your diet as well as to boil in coconut water and apply to your scalp to prevent grey strands.

  • Amla is a wonderful source of iron and nutrients, making it a great item to include in your diet. Amla-based hair packs are also helpful in preventing your locks from loosing their colour.

  • Quit smoking.

  • A nutritious diet that is rich in iron and vitamins always results in happy and healthy hair.


Grey Hair Facts You Should Know

Grey hair isn’t really grey: A lack of the colour pigment melanin causes the hair to become transparent; it’s the surrounding pigmented hair that helps make it appear white or grey.

Grey hair is pretty high-maintenance: Melanin provides moisture, so a lack of it causes the hair to become dry, dull and brittle, which means it requires as much care and effort as your pigmented hair.

Plucking will not cause more greys: The fact that this is a myth is such a relief, isn't it?! Plucking doesn’t affect the number of hair follicles you have, which means that it can’t cause them to grey. However, pulling out your strands can damage the hair follicles so avoid doing it.

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