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19 Random Things You Will Find Yourself Doing If You Work from Home

19 Random Things You Will Find Yourself Doing If You Work from Home

Working is tough. Especially when you’re doing it at home. No boss to watch over you, no snoopy colleagues to snoop on what tabs are open on your browser, no one to distract you from all the distractions around you! Yes, folks, a large part of working from home is all about procrastinating. Don’t believe us? Read on to see the random things you will find yourself doing if you work from home - we’re pretty sure you’re going to tick many points on this list!

1. Wait, let me check Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. While I’m at it, let me Insta my coffee mug.


2. How many emails do I have?! A quick read-through before I get working on this presentation...

3. Awwwww, my bestie emailed... She’s on holiday ! LOVE her photos. So jealous - she looks skinny! (Mental note: go to the gym today)


4. A quick look at WhatsApp and BBM.

5. Selfie-time! :-) Just to update those profile pics.


6. Mom’s calling, gotta speak to her! Haven’t spoken to her all weekend.

7. Hey, let me read a couple of more chapters of the book I was reading last night. More reading means a better-informed person. So totally justified.

8. Quick dash to the gym. Exercise gets those endorphins going - pretty sure it makes you smarter.


9. Need a long, long (I mean really long) shower to beat the Monday (and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) blues.


10. Need a fancy outfit for this Saturday’s party, but I have absolutely no time to shop. Oh well, let me try to hunt for something online...

11. Any time is a good time to take a power nap. I’ll work late at night, when there are fewer distractions.

12. 5 p.m. reading break: “People who stay up and work at night are more intelligent and creatively inclined.” 10 p.m. read: “People who wake up early in the morning and work have far better productivity.” Ugh, this is so confusing.


13. The boyfriend wants to meet. Quickly get ready and pop out for coffee. Will come back and work. Promise.

14. OMG! They’re showing reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Maybe I’ll get back to work after just this one episode.


15. I’ll just make myself a sandwich, and then I’ll seriously start. Need some fuel to get those brain cells working.

16. My dog! When did I last take him out? Come, darling, let’s go walkies.


17. Ugh, my desk is so messy! I need to clean up. Being organized is good for productivity.

18. Oh my God, it’s dinnertime. I need to cook. I need to eat.


19. Gah, this deadline is as good as missed. Let me try again tomorrow.


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