23 Problems Only People Who Wear Spectacles Can Understand!

23 Problems Only People Who Wear Spectacles Can Understand!

Yes, we know that “geek chic” is totally in right now, and the stock of the bespectacled girl has never been higher. We like being a trend, sure - but, trust us, it's just not easy to live life with glasses! Here are 23 problems only people who wear spectacles can understand. Fellow “glassy gals”, say aye!

1. Being called Chashmish or “Four Eyes” while growing up.

spectacles 1

2. And, therefore, automatically also being classified as “nerd” or “padhaakoo, whether you had a geeky bent or not.

spectacles 2

3. Swimming with/without your specs. Always difficult to choose between total blindness and looking like a dork in the pool.

4. Thinking this often: “Can’t I just wear sunglasses over my regular specs?”

5. Having the same problem with 3D glasses at the movies.

spectacles 5

6. Needing to clean your glasses every few minutes.

7. Dealing with sweaty specs. Especially while exercising. Having to push them back up your nose constantly.

spectacles 7

8. Missing your lost pair of specs and crying over the ones that “die”.

9. Walking out into the heat after sitting in an air-conditioned space for too long. Foggy glasses!

spectacles 9

10. Other people’s unbearable and very annoying fascination with your specs. And must they just grab them off your face without asking?!

11. THIS

spectacles 11

12. Reading/checking your phone while lying on your side because one side of your glasses always gets pushed up by the pillows.

spectacles 12

13. Hating contact lenses. Seriously, they’re such a pain!

14. Mascara getting smudged on your specs, and therefore looking at everything through black stripes.

15. Needing to ace the vision test at health camp by memorizing the alphabets on the board using unfair means. ;)

spectacles 15

16. Being able to look super scary and no-nonsense by pushing your specs down your nose and looking at everyone over the glasses.

spectacles 16

17. Losing them. Breaking them. And the worst - SITTING on them.

18. Those dreadful marks on the bridge of your nose from your spectacles sitting on them all day.

19. Not being able to spot cute guys in a bar without putting specs on!

spectacles 18

20. Having nightmares where you look like this!

spectacles 19

21. Looking for your glasses all over the house, only to find them sitting on top of your head.

22. Accidentally groping your bestie while trying to check out her new necklace.

23. Trying to get through life without your glasses, squinting at the world, making faces at passersby, making a total fool of yourself in the process. But knowing that it will all be okay the moment you get your specs on!

spectacles 23

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