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#ModiAtMadison: 8 Promises Narendra Modi Made That We’d Love to See Come True

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

Standing in the heart of New York, the city of many dreams, PM Modi outshone his predecessors in a speech delivered at Madison Square Garden, where he spoke about his plans to make India a truly modern country. Narendra Modi made many promises that, if delivered on, will truly be awesome. Here are our topic picks of things that we would love to see come true!

narendra modi

1. Mahatma Gandhi never compromised on cleanliness. He gave us freedom. We should pay tribute to him by delivering a Clean India.

Sanitation for the masses? Useable public toilets? Better hygiene across the country? That is something we’re totally for.

2. An autorickshaw in Ahmedabad costs 10 rupees per km. India's mission to Mars cost seven rupees per km.

Take that, First World! A few more initiatives like Mangalyaan, and we’re truly set to become the world’s most technologically forward country.

3. We’re no longer a country of snake charmers. We weave magic with the [computer] mouse now!

Palanquins vs tech, and tech winning the “What Foreigners Think When They Think about India” battle? We can roll with that!

4. Winning elections is not about getting a post or chair, it is a responsibility.

He’s already gotten government officials to reach office on time. Now if they can work on development and national welfare agendas on time too, we’ll be forever grateful!

5. I have begun removing obsolete laws. The more laws we get rid of the better it will be for us.

Remove the clutter of laws that are redundant/create bottlenecks in the execution of justice and add to red tape? Absolutely! In addition, could we also ask for proper implementation of the essentials that remain?

6. Persons of Indian Origins will be given lifetime visas.

No more visa trouble for desi-origin folk trying to visit India? Oh yes!

7. We have given importance to skill development. We created a separate ministry for skill development.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it actually becomes a properly functional ministry!

8. About 40 per cent of people depend on river Ganga. If Ganga is restored to her glory those living along its banks will be emancipated.

Resulting in clean and free drinking water for everyone? That’s the dream!

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Published on Sep 29, 2014
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