How to Look Like a Million Bucks Without Spending a Million Bucks!

How to Look Like a Million Bucks Without Spending a Million Bucks!
Reel-life Carrie Bradshaws have taught us that you can be broke and still look fabulous. You can give up the roof over your head and sleep in your car, but you cannot (gasp) wear granny jumpers. Is that even possible, though? Can you really look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks? Yes, you can! The secret here is NOT to max out your credit card but to invest in clothing and accessories that scream L-U-X-E. We give you 20 simple tips and tricks that go a long way to make this happen.

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1. Lush Fabrics

chiffon shirt

Although we are all for the practicality of linen and cotton, they do crease up easily and make us look dowdy and frumpy. On the other hand, fabrics like chiffon and georgette crease less (and look expensive!). How about pairing a chiffon button-down shirt with a pair of slim-fit jeans? Did someone say effortlessly glamorous?! :)

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2. Jewel Tones

rupby lace top

Add rich hues and jewel tones to your wardrobe: a sari in emerald, a sapphire-coloured shirt or a ruby-coloured lace blouse - there’s something about these rich colours that says sophisticated. Pair them up with neutrals for maximum effect.

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3. Pretty Pastels

pastel dress

Pastels like mint and tea-pink and white too embody sophistication, helping you channel a bit of your inner Blair Waldorf.

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4. Formal and Elegant

zara oencil skirt

While we’re not advocating breaking the bank, we advise you we advise you to invest in some key pieces from high-street fashion brands, like tailored pants, cardigans, a formal dress or a nice pair of denims.
For a “refined” look, go with sheath dresses, blouses, well-fitting pants and pencil skirts and blazers. A tad formal, but really elegant.

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5. A Tasteful Statement

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.49.00 pm

Your outfit should make you stand out of the crowd for the right reasons, not for reasons like being OTT. If done right, bold can be sexy. So say hello to at least one statement piece and warm up to good underwear. 

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6. The Fit Is Important

Common sense says that your garment should fit well. If it's a big date night and you envision yourself as his chic arm candy, make sure you don’t have to keep tugging on shirt or to keep pulling on your neckline. The outfit you wear should make you look like a snug bug.

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7. Juxtapose Your Look

leather jacket

Mix hard and soft - bad-ass meets romantic can be pretty cool! Think of a structured leather jacket paired with a tea-pink dress. Try and understand which pairings work well in terms of fabrics and cuts.

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8. Something Splruge-Worthy

Bottega dress

An old trick in the book is to mix luxury with high-street fashion.
Granted, we cannot indulge in every item off the runway, but we can pamper ourselves with an occasional luxury item. Get all your friends to pool in for your birthday gift and pick up a designer dress - and then pair it up with a high-street blazer for a repeat outing. Accessories like key-chains, wallets and coin purses are great to buy just to get the feel of a brand. Try to invest in a luxe handbag - that can really elevate your look.

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9. Keep The Bling In Check

MK watchKeep the jewels and trinkets to a minimum: a watch with a big dial, a chain-link necklace, solitaire studs or a cocktail ring. Too much bling, and you run the risk of replacing a Christmas tree somewhere.

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10. Metal Touches

hoop earrings

Gold or gold-plated jewellery always gives one a regal look. Also try out other metallic jewellery, like a silver cuff, gold hoops or 
a bronze neckpiece. Classics always trump trends.

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11. Glam Accessories

satya paul silk scarves

Accessories like silk scarves, pashminas, skinny belts and faux leather or fur vests up the glamour quotient. Invest in them, borrow them, look for them at a fraction of the price at vintage stores when you travel abroad.

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12. Mixing Textures

wool dress

Some other textures to include in your wardrobe would be tweed, houndstooth and cable-knit. How chic does a cable-knit sweater look, paired with boyfriend jeans and nude heels? Know your fabrics and textures, and you'll stay on the fabulous side of things!

13. Sparkly Dresses

sequin dress

One word: sequins. Sequinned dresses are perfect for a night out, and you can style them differently every time. So are LBDs and LWDs - have two of them ready for a bad hair day!

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14. A Classic Bag

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 7.27.39 pm

Although we love our jholas, we’re not going for the Bunty Aur Babli look. Please keep your cloth bags and totes away. Buy sturdy and structured bags. We’re not talking about Balenciaga, but a Topshop satchel won’t hurt your pocket too badly, will it?

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15. Shoes Should Never Be Shabby

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 7.30.42 pm

We’re all for shopping at Colaba, but chappals don’t make it to the luxe list. Glamour and high-heels are synonymous. What’s a little pain when looking like a million dollars, huh? ;) If well-dressed is your office code, steer clear of flip-flops and sandals (toe overhang!). Opt for closed toe shoes like ballerinas, suede moccasins, loafers or classic pumps.

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16. Minimalism is Key

As a general rule, your ensemble should look well put together, without too many competing items vying for your attention. Minimalist separates = Maximum attention. Happy girls are taking a snapshot of themselves

17. Blazers Will Always Come In Handy


Invest in a good blazer. It can literally save any outfit.

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18. Simplicity + Minimalism + Flair = Awesome.

Staying minimalistic can elevate your look.

19. Balance Between Sexy and Cool

A nice blazer can complement a cleavage-showing top, a nice cardigan will go will with that short dress, and the like. So make a strong statement and buy some good outerwear.

20. Confidence Is Fabulous

Elegance and flair is not what you wear, but a matter of how you carry yourself. So, lastly, regardless of what you wear, always be fabulous!

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