How Does One Wear Monotone Without Looking Boring?

How Does One Wear Monotone Without Looking Boring?
Monotone - do we really know the trend? Do we really know how to sport it? The thing with certain fashion trends is that they tend to look super-easy but they're actually not. It requires a bit of work, a few tips and tricks and a whole lot of effort to get it right. This week, we decided to demystify the timeless and "effortless" monotone trend and explain what it really stands for and how to wear it to perfection. 

What's the Monotone fuss all about?

monontone 4-001

As the name suggests, monotone is an outfit with a mono tone or colour. A popular trend that has been featured in various guises - from all-white serene looks to melancholy blacks or a colourful twist ideal for summer. This trend has evolved from the age-old matronly style in plain colours  to today’s bold mode that features brighter hues as well. 

Where should one ideally wear Monotone?

monotone 3-001If skilfully worn, this is trend is perfect for work, for a casual day out or even a party. Wear a neutral shift dress with a tan blazer for a classic look to work. Opt for a solid-coloured jumpsuit and gold links for a night out with your friends. You can wear a monotone outfit to create a leaner more structured look. Get a defined waist with fitted clothes in a monotone hue, ideally a dark colour, and cinch your waist with your favourite belt to stay on the right side of fashion. The trick here is to wear well-fitted clothes; they should be refined, well-finished and well-stitched to suit your style. Plus, they must always flatter your body and flaunt your assets. 

How does one wear Monotone to fashion perfection?

monotone11. Always start with s basic colour. For beginners, I recommend colours like black, navy, brown or gray.

2. To make for a dramatic monotone outfit, play around with different textures in the same colour. Wear your salmon-coloured trousers with a quilted blouse. Never try to wear too many accessories and layers - keep it simple. Match the colour card from head to toe. Try a different shirt, jacket, or T-shirt that has same colour. Have fun with your clothes.

3. Add a pop of colour. A bright necklace, belt or pumps will never let monotone stay boring.

How do you make Monotone work for you?


This trend is for everyone, no matter what your body type or personal style is. It's for those who like colour and for those who prefer neutrals. This season is an easy win - no colour or pattern to concern yourself with, just grab all your favourite all-white items. Pull out your eyelet blouse, pair it ripped denims and simple flats. Add a dash of colour with bright coral lipstick and a tan bag.


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